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  1. Hello! I've got a strange issue with Internet Based Client Management where clients are not communicating when outside of the network. Some interesting things I've found in client side logs: LocationServices.log: 1 internet MP errors in the last 10 minutes, threshold is 5. In CCMMessaging.log, I'm seeing a few of these: Post to https://----sccm-01.-------------.org/ccm_system/request failed with 0x87d00231. Interesting Server Side Logs: ClientAuth.log: Error verifying message from client 'GUID:736B0572-FF7D-45BD-84D2-5E5C6C6F6EC8' (0x80090006). Message from GUID:abb9de52
  2. Not yet. I haven't actually tried to reproduce the issue in a clean environment - this was discovered "in the wild" while migrating a customer's environment I'll try to reproduce the bug in a sandbox to see if it's consistent.
  3. Cross Post from https://www.ccrossan.com/sccm/sccm-1511-driver-migration-fails/ While migrating drivers from SCCM 2012 to SCCM 1511, the migration can fail with the following error message: Couldn't find the specified instance SMS_CategoryInstance.CategoryInstance_UniqueID='DriverCategories: This occurs given the following scenario: A driver is added to SCCM A category is assigned to the driver The category is deleted from the driver The migration job attempts to migrate the driver to a new SCCM environment Consider the following error message: Couldn't find the specified instance SMS_Cat
  4. I recently wanted to wake a group of computer, and was trying to figure out how to do it from the SCCM console. One method I found was to create a "dummy package" and deploy it with the "send wol packets" box checked off. I didn't like this option, so I did some scouting. I found the wonderful "SCCM Client Actions Tool" which is found at: http://sccmcat.codep...ases/view/85803 While this tool is great, it still didn't do everything I wanted (namely Config Manger console integration). Also, I noticed that subnet directed broadcasts were not working (though my network is configured f
  5. I was having a different problem (which i unfortunately did not document as well) in which a few errors would prevent the deployment from succeeding. The task sequence failed when it began downloading the OS. I attempted to remove / re install WDS (and associated files - namely the boot.wim) from the server, and in this process I wound up with new boot.wim files from a Windows 7 Enterprise ISO. While this was probably not the best move, I figured I'd share what I found in case anyone else was encountering something similar. In hindsight, a re-install of SCCM (or simply restoring a backup
  6. I'm not sure if this was the most elegant fix, so if anyone has some input on why I had to do all this, please comment! Thank you
  7. I Set up SCCM 2012 RTM, and have been fighting with deploy and capture for a few days. I successfully imported an Operating System Installer I successfully created a task sequence I I was able to get the machine to PXE boot, and it almost loaded windows PE; however, I kept getting the following error message: Windows PE cannot start because the actual SYSTEM ROOT directory (x:\windows) is differrent from the configured one (x:\$windows.~bt\windows). This can be configured from dism.exe with the /set-target path command. please refer the documentation for more details I was
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