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  1. Hey Guys / Niall - So I manage an environment of ~10,000 workstations and ~900 servers on a single domain. A few months ago, we acquired a new company which has their own SCCM environment on a different domain. Finally, I am wrapping up a build of SCCM on a 3rd domain. The plan is to migrate all clients from the two old domains onto the new one. I have a couple of questions about this procedure so wanted to post to get opinions... 1. Migrate Many Clients to New Site Prior to Domain Change The main question is that their current plan is to migrate the domain on workstations a
  2. I will give background about the scenario, we are in the process of Side-by-Side Migration from SCCM 2012 R2 to SCCM 1906 CB. As per the guideline, I have configured the products classification in the new site identical like the old site and synchronized. Now I am at the phase of the migrating Applications, Collections, ADR, Software Update Package and its deployment. For E.g.: I am trying to migrate Office 2010 Software Update Package and its deployment and it’s all associated collection and rules from SCCM 2012 R2 site to SCCM 1906 Site. Migration is failing and t
  3. Not sure how to even search for this, and trying to set up a computer association isn't doing anything (seriously seems to be limited strictly to user state data). And I need to be able to set this up for computer names that have yet to be created. Is there a way to quickly make computer objects with just a name and collection membership? When we deploy windows to the new machines, they all need different software installed and rely upon collection membership to provide the right packages. If this is not something that can be done, how do you all deal with a new batch
  4. Cross Post from https://www.ccrossan.com/sccm/sccm-1511-driver-migration-fails/ While migrating drivers from SCCM 2012 to SCCM 1511, the migration can fail with the following error message: Couldn't find the specified instance SMS_CategoryInstance.CategoryInstance_UniqueID='DriverCategories: This occurs given the following scenario: A driver is added to SCCM A category is assigned to the driver The category is deleted from the driver The migration job attempts to migrate the driver to a new SCCM environment Consider the following error message: Couldn't find the specified instance SMS_Cat
  5. Hi, I`m buildiong my refresh task sequence to migrate from WIn7 to Win10, my Online USMT transfers the data, however the printer queue, Wallpaper and Outlook signature don`t get transferred, i`m using the default USMT settings. am I missing something? SCCM 1706 + ADK1703
  6. Hi All, Just looking for some advice, has anyone migrated their primary server from one machine to another? Looking at doing this, but wondering if there's any pitfalls I need to look out for. Thanks
  7. I am preparing to migrate from an over specced 2012 R2 hierarchy to a Stand alone primary running 1602 and wanted to get some opinions\feedback from the community before I finalized anything. I am undecided on whether or not to install sql on its own server or just install it on the site server. I know best practices used to be to install sql and config manager on the same server but wasn't sure if that was still the case.
  8. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has experience in the field in migrating SCOM 2007 to SCOM 2012 R2. I understand there are effectively 2 methodologies: in-place or standalone upgrade. But apart from exporting/importing Management Packs, what other areas need be to looked at? How can you tell if an MP is using unsupported features in 2012? Looking forward to hearing any experiences you can provide. Thank you :-)
  9. Published: 2013-06-06 (at www.testlabs.se/blog) Updated: - Version: 1.0 This post will focus on having the technical prerequisites ready and in place for a successful Domino/Notes migration. Before going into any details, if you are planning to do a migration from Domino and want to use Dell Software’s Notes Migrator for Exchange, it is important to mention that there is a requirement from the vendor to use certified people for the project. If you would like to read the other parts: Part 1: Migrations – Overview Migration Accounts I recommend using three accounts, one with Domino pe
  10. I've been tasked with migrating a customer off of server 2008 R2 to Server 2012 R2. All FSMO roles have been transferred to the newly created Server 2012 R2 DC's and replication is taking place. Tomorrow, I would like to migrate dns off of the 2008 boxes. The scopes have replicated to the new dns servers, but how to I make sure the clients get pointed to the 2012 dns servers once I take the 2008 servers offline? I do have dns integrated into AD. I'm stuck at the "ensuring primary dns server" becomes my 2012 DC. Would the below powershell command set this across the domain? Set-dnsclie
  11. Cannot solve this. Windows 7 32bit Currently we have one drive in our computers partitioned in to 2. (C: & D:) New setup One drive one partition. (C: only) Right now users store there data on the D: like documents and PST's. And some machines have the pagefile.sys Right now its easy I tell it to migrate the whole drive and I exclude some folders with an unconditional exlude. Works great. Even doesnt get the pagefile.sys on the D: If I run the loadstate on the machine now with just the one drive it dumps everything that was on the D: to the C:. Very messy plus t
  12. Hello, Looking for a bit of advice for anyone able to help. Implementing SCCM 2012 into a new organisation at the same time as a global refresh to a new domain. I need to capture user profiles from the old domain using USMT and restore to the new one. Is this possible? Thanks
  13. Hey guys looking for a bit of info here... We have an existing hierarchy of 1 CAS and 3 Primary sites, along with 13 secondary sites attached to 1 of the Primary Sites. I just learned that during the setup of these sites SQL 2012 Enterprise Evaluation Edition was used to install all the sites. Now the Evaluation Edition on the CAS SQL server has expired... oops... Obviously I don't want to pay for Enterprise licenses if I don't need them, so I'm looking for a way to get to SQL Standard. I have found some information about moving SCCM Sites to a new SQL server but am a bit nervous doi
  14. I have been playing with the side by side migration tool in sccm 2012 and have a few questions. I built a test lab (lab.local 1X DC - win2008r2 running dhcp and dns 1X sccm 2007 sp2 r3 server 1X sccm 2012 r2 server I then went and configured sccm 2007 to do the following, which all work fine OSD , build, capture, patch at build Application delivery (single flash player application) Then built an sccm 2012r2 server (local sql etc) Ran the migration tool and specified the source hierarchy. This all worked well, found items to migrate etc. I then migrated various test
  15. I have successfully migrated one 2007 R2 secondary site to a new SCCM 2012 DP, but "Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2" is still showing in "Control Panel" - "Program and Features" (Windows 2008). I tried to uninstall after rebooting the server, but there is the following error: Service 'SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER' (SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.
  16. We recently moved from 2007 to 2012 R2... as in 1 week after R2 release. Our consultant didn't know a ton about R2 so we had a few hiccups. I'm going to detail them here and see if any of you have any thoughts. SILVERLIGHT We have a sliverlight app that will not print on anything more advanced then silverlight 4. So we decided not to deploy silverlight with the client. Works fine... doesn't last a long time. Silverlight would upgrade or install (if not present) after a day or two. This is with us setting silverlight to NO update (app and registry and GPO) and not having it as part of
  17. Hi, i need to migrate a number of cm07 osd task sequences to cm12 and they fail everytime on incompatible steps as i have mdt2010 installed on the cm07 primary. I wondered if anyone can advise on the easiest way to migrate these please? i've read that the easiest way is to: 1. upgrade cm07 to mdt 2012u1, 2. upgrade all the cm07 TS, 3. install and integrate mdt2012u1 to the cm12r2 primary, 4. and then migrate TS from cm07 to cm12r2, is this right or is there a better way? and can anyone point me to some instructions on the upgrade of mdt2010 to mdt2012u1 as well as how to upgrade
  18. Good morning, I have printers set for inventory on my SCCM 2012 environment. I need to run a query on all USB/LPT connected printers in the district. Can someone please help me with a query/report or something that I can run that will give me a list of all printer models that have been collected from all my clients? This will help me in collecting drivers while we go forward with our district-wide windows 7 migrations. Many thanks!
  19. Published: 2013-08-07 (at testlabs.se/blog) Updated: - Version: 1.0 This post will focus on migrating Groups, Mail-In databases and Resources from Domino/Notes migration to Exchange On-premise or Office 365. Before going into any details, if you are planning to do a migration from Domino and want to use Dell Software’s Notes Migrator for Exchange, it is important to mention that there is a requirement from the vendor to use certified people for the project. This blog post is based on Notes Migration for Exchange version Read the other parts: Part 1: Migrations – Overview Pa
  20. Published: 2013-06-21 (at testlabs.se/blog) Updated: - Version: 1.0 This post will focus on migrating Domino/Notes to Exchange 2013 On-premise. Before going into any details, if you are planning to do a migration from Domino and want to use Dell Software’s Notes Migrator for Exchange, it is important to mention that there is a requirement from the vendor to use certified people for the project. This blog post is based on Notes Migration for Exchange version If you would like to read the other parts see the section “See the other parts” Installation Notes Migrator for Excha
  21. Hi Gurus , I would like to come up with a design for SCCM 2012 as I think it is a good time to migrate from SCCM 2007. I am planning to do it on Server 2012 and SQL 2012. I have a management forest, and multiple forest’s below this with only a one way trust (the management forest does not trust anything). I currently run SCCM 2007 and have a Central Site with Primary Sites nested below this. Sincethis is not supported in 2012 and the Primary Site with Secondary Sites nested below is not supported across untrusted domains I have hit a snag and want to make sure my design will work. From w
  22. This script idea came up after being involved in a migration project. Published: 2013-05-22 Updated: 2013-05-24 Version: 1.1 It’s purpose with this script is for getting Quest Migration Manager (QMM) being able to match objects between domains. In a scenario with one-way trust and not being able to use Quest Migration Manager AD or any other tool for providing the SIDHistory into the AD objects. Users, mailboxes and mail contacts are already created, where the contacts are used for having a global address list (GAL) object they can send emails to. Using QMM you can match by Username, Mailadd
  23. Good Afternoon, I have currently have SCCM 2012(thanks to your SCCM guides) setup in my test environment. However, on my production environment we currently have SCCM 2007 in production and planning on moving/migrating over to SCCM 2012 the next few months. Now, is it necessary to create a SCCM 2007 environment in my test environment to successfully test the migration? Which would mean I would have to scrap my current SCCM 2012 and start all over again.... Or should I just keep on current SCCM 2012 in test and work from there, since you can only stand up SCCM 2012 in parallel (no upgrade
  24. Hey everyone, Happy survival of the Maya end of days! hehe. I've been looking at the SP1 beta of sccm 2012 in my lab, and also read up some on it, and i found some information that says the following: "More flexible hierarchy management with support to expand a stand-alone primary site into a hierarchy that includes a new central administration site, and the migration of a Configuration Manager SP1 hierarchy to another Configuration Manager SP1 hierarchy. (Source: http://technet.micro...ibrary/jj591552) From what i can understand, this means that you should be able to join a hi
  25. Hello, If my current SCCM 2007 R2 is installed on a 32bit Windows Server 2003, and I plan on migrating to SCCM 2012 on Server 2008 R2 x64, will there be any problems with the migration process going from a 32bit to 64bit environment? The reason I ask is that I read in a forum post somewhere that an admin in a similar situation did the following steps: performed a full backup of SCCM 2007 running on W2K3 32bit, reinstalled SCCM 2007 on a different server running W2K8 x64 and restored from that backup he made essentially creating a mirrored install but on a x64 OS instead, they then installed
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