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Found 8 results

  1. Cannot solve this. Windows 7 32bit Currently we have one drive in our computers partitioned in to 2. (C: & D:) New setup One drive one partition. (C: only) Right now users store there data on the D: like documents and PST's. And some machines have the pagefile.sys Right now its easy I tell it to migrate the whole drive and I exclude some folders with an unconditional exlude. Works great. Even doesnt get the pagefile.sys on the D: If I run the loadstate on the machine now with just the one drive it dumps everything that was on the D: to the C:. Very messy plus the PSTs are now not connected. So I tried a realitive move comand to try and get it under the users profile in my custom.xml when I run scanstate. Now if the pagefile is on the D: and I add the relative move of the D: it fails saying it cant copy the Pagefile.sys. However I dont want it to and have specifically exclueded it. Any ideas to move the D: to a folder on the C: (doesnt really matter where) and make it work like it was when the D: was there?
  2. We have been using USMT for many years kicking off a command line script on each the old and new computer. (Scantate & loadstate). In most cases we use MDT just for the build on a hardware refresh. This allows us to prebuild 100's of laptops and have them on hand when someone has time to swap out. My question is could I use USMT to backup the old computer and then restore it to the new one directly? Basically a "computer to computer" data and settings swap. I thought years ago I read that this could be done. But all of the searches I have done recently come up with nothing. This method would cut down on server space that is needed and cut down on time of backing up then restoring separately. If anyone has information on please let me know. Thanks, Darren
  3. Hi, I have a scenario that I need to figure out a solution to, in the event that it happens in the real world. I have created a few task sequences in SCCM for zero/lite touch imaging using the built in "Capture User State" and "Restore User State" actions. The TS performs the typical set of actions, capture, image, and restore (along with other custom commands). The TS works great in the lab and in a controlled production environment; however, I foresee an issue that I do not know how to resolve. What happens when a technician runs the TS on some workstations and one workstation fails half way through the imaging piece or fails during the restore state? How do I get the user's files back from the successful scanstate? I know how to locate the .MIG files; however, they are encrypted per SCCM's default scanstate/loadstate command line options. Any thoughts? -Aaron
  4. Hi Everyone, After much troubleshooting I managed to get the Capture and Restore task sequences running, with SCCM 2007, as part of an XP x86 to Windows 7 x64 migration that I am doing. Initially the out of the box migration didn't work because Lotus Notes opened as if for the first time. A little investigation revealed that all of the critical files such as notes.ini had been renamed notes(1).ini instead of overwriting the existing. A little Google research and I decided that I would need to write a custom script, which I did. I included the helper script and set SourcePriority as below:- <merge script="MigXmlHelper.SourcePriority()"> <objectSet> <pattern type="File">c:\lotus\notes\ [*.ini]</pattern> </objectSet> </merge> However, the result was the same with notes(1).ini appearing. Furthermore with my new understanding of the xml syntax I was able to take a look at MigApp.xml, which is supplied with the tool, and I found that Microsoft's script is almost identical to mine. So, it should have worked in the first place. I hope I've posted enough information that someone can give me some help here, or point me in the direction of something else to try because I've run out of ideas.
  5. Hi, We are migrating machines from Windows XP to Windows 7 using USMT 5.0 and hardlink. The only thing I have left to do is to include empty folders. Can anyone provide a bit of info on this? USMT seems to ignore them. I have been searching quite a bit and cannot find an answer. Thanks, 1nternetz
  6. Hi all, i am currently in the middle of a pilot rollout from XP to 7x64. Today we have had 2 cases in a row where a users documents have not been restored correctly to users mydocs folder on the win7 machine. For every file it fails to restore..i get the same message: 2012-12-13 15:25:20, Status [0x000000] Processing File D:\Data\User\My Documents [ExcelFile.xlsx] 2012-12-13 15:25:20, Error [0x080000] Could not create object \\dfsshare\dfs\FolderReDir\User\Documents[ExcelFile.xlsx]. Exception class Mig::SideAwareWin32Exception: Error while creating directory structure for \\dfsshare\dfs\FolderReDir\User\Documents: Cannot create a file when that file already exists. [0x000000B7] void __cdecl Mig::CFileDataStore::Create(class Mig::CDataUnit *)[gle=0x000000b7] 2012-12-13 15:25:20, Info [0x080000] Error 183 during apply of object D:\Data\User\My Documents[ExcelFile.xlsx] [0x000000] Write error 183 for D:\Data\User\My Documents[ExcelFile.xlsx]. Windows error 183 description: Cannot create a file when that file already exists.[gle=0x000000b7] 2012-12-13 15:25:20, Info [0x000000] Error ignored due to /c option 2012-12-13 15:25:20, Info [0x080000] Error 183 while applying object D:\Data\User\My Documents[ExcelFile.xlsx]. Shell application requested ignore Same error for another 160 files. All other restores up until now have completed successfully. What possible environment change could have occured that would affect this? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks EDIT: I know it says file "exists" but its not there obviously..otherwise it would be considered a successful migration
  7. I'm trying to capture data from one PC and run a new TS to build Win7 with SOE and then restore the USMT.mig from the SMP to the new PC. I have successfully completed USMT by hardlinks and that works great, but I just can't seem to get USMT via SMP to work. I am using the MigDocs.xml, MigApp.xml, and MigUser.xml files to specify the capture data and it captures successfully on the SMP. I then have a separate TS to build a new OS, install apps, and then the last step to Request State Store, Restore User State, then Release User State. The TS completed but the User Sate hasn't been restored. It's not a permissions issue as I have created a test custom.xml capture file to only capture a single directory and it restores fine (Capture C:\Test\*.* and that directory restores fine). But when trying to restore a full user state capture (~30Gb) it won't restore. I don't want local profiles to restore so I haven't specified this in my TS. I have attached the loadstate.log for more information. loadstate.log
  8. teamfox201

    USMT Scan / Load

    Hello, I have some questions about USMT and config.xml i was hoping someone can help me out. My understanding of using a Config.xml file is that I need one for systems going from XP to Windows 7 and another one for Windows 7 to Windows 7 since the DlManifests are different on the two OS's. So if I run Scanstate.exe on a XP machine, using ConfigXP.xml after upgrading the OS to Windows 7 i have to run the LoadState.exe using the ConfigXP.xml file? And the same goes for Windows 7 reimages. I use ScanState.exe with the ConfigW7.xml and restore using LoadState.exe with the ConfigW7.xml. If the above is true, what is the best way to automate if ScanState.exe was ran from a XP machine, to use the correct Config.XML file once the machine is upgraded to Windows 7? Thank you.
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