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  1. Hi all, I've never seen this before and its kind of hard to explain. So i thought i would attach a pic also. Simply put, the domain prefix is missing. So upon entering a user creds for the 1st time after imaging. The error displays is "Incorrect username/password" If select "Sign in options" and select the key image, i am able to then use my AD creds to logon. Has anyone else seen this? NOTE: The machine actually is domain joined, we just cant see the domain prefix. Some background: Win10 1803 Pro Image captured using MDT SCCM task sequence (SCCM CB 1802)
  2. Hi All, Last update i could find on this issue was here https://microsoftintune.uservoice.com/forums/291681-ideas/suggestions/9390618-no-auto-restart-with-logged-on-users-for-scheduled Has anyone got any updates on this or if it can be prevented somehow? Cheers
  3. Hi all, Havn't seen too much (or that i can find) around anyone with experience of moving the SCCM primary to a cloud service, whilst still managing on prem devices. I understand that its more common to do this if you are going to manage your cloud infrastructure but not if you want to still manage your on prem endpoints. Only info i read was from a couple years ago and the consensus was it wasn't supported then by Microsoft. Bandwidth was the main concern regarding app deployment and windows updates pushing to endpoints. My thoughts: - Was thinking could we use an on prem DP for c
  4. Hey all, Has anyone found alternatives around this? Link We have some users who are desperate to keep using windows 7 on their new MACs they are about to receive. Looking at potentially using Windows 10 in the future...but for the time being would like Windows 7.. (Win8.1 not an option). Can't seem to find anyone else able to deploy Win7 on the new Macs. Cheers
  5. Thanks alot for the reply! ill take a look into the Dell link you have here. My only concern is that unplugging and re-plugging doesnt seem to detect it either Can only assume i have the wrong driver combination now. EDIT: the driver combinations in the link dont look to be too clear for SCCM 2007. Looks as though ill need to run RTK_NIC_DRIVER_INSTALLER.sfx.exe /s as a pre-start command on the PE image...cant seem to find the driver though. Ill keep looking...Thanks! Thanks again
  6. Back having a look at this...any thoughts from anyone? Looks like someone is having the same issue https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/ff5edd1d-402a-4229-b94c-5737d7590b4e/usb-nic-only-recognized-after-plug-out-in-within-winpe?forum=configmanagerosd
  7. Hey all, Cant for the life of me find the right drivers for the RTL8153 USB ethernet driver that came with this Precision M3800 (booting into legacy BIOS, Unable to PXE boot to UEFI but thats another thread ) Injected every driver I thought possible into the x64 boot wim and also used Drvload to apply them. Still cant get an IP. On my windows 8.1 machine the driver installed from windows update is rtu30x64w8.inf. Ive Injected rtu30x64w7.inf which im sure is the correct driver which is also apart of the Dell cab for WinPE3.0 Tried the driver for XP, Vista, W7, W8 and 8.1 still no I
  8. Hi Niall, In regards to management via intune or via SCCM. I heard their are limitations in using one or the other? EDIT: NVM found a nice couple of tables that can be found here
  9. FYI my 5th capture worked....just be patient Must be a VMWare issue (Hyper V wouldnt do that )
  10. Hey all, Just had a few captures go bad and throw up errors after the .wim is laid down. So seems the captures have become corrupt somehow. Im using dism to capture a VM. Which has been working fine up until today. What ive noticed between the captures that are successful and the ones that have failed is under the language that SCCM picks up from the wim after you add the .wim to the console. When captured .wim fails to deploy i see these details. When Captured .wim is successfully deployed to a machine. Anyone seen this before? Has my VM just become corrupt?
  11. I was able to resolve this issue by enabling the WMI-out on the outbound firewall rules. (Win server 2012)
  12. EDIT: FIXED...........again! OS is server 2012. Seems the perms had been changed on the smspkge$ folder since i fixed it days ago. Its on server 2012…looks as though the smspkge$ folder had new ownership and the perms i added had no longer filtered down through all the packges within smspkge$. Ive had to take ownership back. Remove all perms. And re-add ensuring they filtered all the way down. And once again the TS started straight away. Cheers for the help Kevla.
  13. Yup i can confirm. Cheers Kevla Edit: i know for a fact it only fails when the old packages migrated from 2007 sccm are included in the TS... I believe they are calling scripts that include UNC paths or something. After i added the machine AD account work fine... 2 days later...stopped working
  14. Thanks for the reply Kevlar..I actually dont have an appenforce log file? (SCCM 2012 R2) Ok so this task sequence ive migrated from 2007 to 2012 it works fine as a bare metal build from pxe. So ive added usmt with hardlnks to this ts and now am trying to run it live on the machine. I select the ts from software centre and it does nothing for around 20 secs. And then this error pops up: CAS logs looked fine to me….or at least I thought I did. The only real error I could find in the logs was this from execmgr.. DC100017 is my ts ID NOW…I had this exact
  15. Having the same issue right now... CAS log is giving me nothing.. 2012 R2 anyone?
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