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  1. Hi Everyone, After much troubleshooting I managed to get the Capture and Restore task sequences running, with SCCM 2007, as part of an XP x86 to Windows 7 x64 migration that I am doing. Initially the out of the box migration didn't work because Lotus Notes opened as if for the first time. A little investigation revealed that all of the critical files such as notes.ini had been renamed notes(1).ini instead of overwriting the existing. A little Google research and I decided that I would need to write a custom script, which I did. I included the helper script and set SourcePriority as below:- <merge script="MigXmlHelper.SourcePriority()"> <objectSet> <pattern type="File">c:\lotus\notes\ [*.ini]</pattern> </objectSet> </merge> However, the result was the same with notes(1).ini appearing. Furthermore with my new understanding of the xml syntax I was able to take a look at MigApp.xml, which is supplied with the tool, and I found that Microsoft's script is almost identical to mine. So, it should have worked in the first place. I hope I've posted enough information that someone can give me some help here, or point me in the direction of something else to try because I've run out of ideas.
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