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  1. Found a solution. Capturing all the machines, Refreshing the OS, Restoring the data then joining the new domain. Yet to test
  2. Hello, Looking for a bit of advice for anyone able to help. Implementing SCCM 2012 into a new organisation at the same time as a global refresh to a new domain. I need to capture user profiles from the old domain using USMT and restore to the new one. Is this possible? Thanks
  3. I had this working a few weeks ago but have installed MDT onto SCCM 2012 and now the capture sequence will not work. After sticking the capture media onto a USB, sysprep runs on the referenced machine but then it gives an error saying "missing operating system" after reboot Any suggestions/logs that I can look at? Thanks
  4. Anyone know if it is possible to customize the Application Catalog? I'm looking to add our company logo.
  5. Hello, Someone might have a better way to do this but I was looking to know if it is possible to install a task sequence as part of a task sequence? We have multiple task sequences all with install applications tasks for our standard applications. What I want to do is just have a task sequence as part of the operating system deployment task sequence to install all standard apps. Reason for this is at the moment if we upgrade one of our applications it means I need to go an edit multiple task sequences and ideally I would just like to edit one. Cheers, George
  6. Thanks for that, felt stupid as found it the next day. Amazing bit of kit
  7. Is there a report in SCCM or some way of checking who deployed software to a collection? Scenario: Someone deploys a licensed product package to "all systems" rather than a collection with only a few members.
  8. You can force the retrieval policy by going into control panel, Configuration Manager, Actions then click run on hardware retrieval policy. Or if you have right click tools on SCCM it's as simple as pressing the button.
  9. Just remove the machine from the collection then re-add it 5 minutes later? you will need to uninstall the software.
  10. As this is to replace computers that are being swapped out I'm trying to avoid using the application catalog. We plan to roll out the application catalog once 99% of our applications are packaged however we are far from that stage.
  11. I'm new to using SCCM and I was wondering if it was possible to have a tick box/optional software page as part of the image process/task sequence asking what additional software to install to save manually installing afterwords. This is for additional requests like Microsoft Project that isn't on our organisations standard build. I would like to avoid having multiple task sequences. Anyone got any suggestions?
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