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  1. I am using USMT 5 to Capture user state on a Windows 7 PC. I have checked Scanstate.log and Scanstateprogress.log and the capture completes successfully but the last task in my Task Sequence, Release State Store, fails with error 0x80004005. I can go to the new PC that I want to restore the user state to and it restores successfully but also fails at Release State Store. I am using SCCM 2012 SP1CU2 I uninstalled the State Migration Point role and re-installed it. I have recreated the packages and the device collection. I have looked extensively on the Internet for answers but can't find anything which has helped. I have attached the smsts.log which shows the errors. I have also attached the scanstate and scastateprogress logs. smsts.log scanstate.log scanstateprogress.log
  2. Yes I am sure I can ping MHE10.city.medicine-hat.ab.ca. I get a reply with the server's IP address. I have checked the boundaries and they are the same as they were when I upgraded to SP1. Nothing has changed. What I am trying to do, and it worked before SP1, is set a static DNS address when I boot from the USB flash drive. Our network is set up in such a way that DHCP is only used to supply IP addresses to computers but it does not supply the DNS addresses. These are static and have to be configured on each PC we have. I am also unable to use PXE on our network, also because of configuration done by our networking team. Is there a better way to do this.
  3. I have just updated our SCCM 2012 to SP1 and am having problems running an OSD. I boot from a usb flash drive that I created using Create Task Sequence Media. I have checked that I can successfully ping the FQDN of the MP. I have checked the status of SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER and it verifies that the Management Point is responding to HTTP requests. I have checked my network access account and verified that the password is correct. I'm not sure where to go from here and would appreciate any help. I have attached my SMSTS.log Marguerite smsts.log
  4. I have checked the logs after another attempt and I can see from the c:\Windows\debug\NetSetup.log file that it isn't even attempting to join the domain. The file has the same date as the day I captured the image. Did I do something wrong when I captured the image. I followed the steps from "How can I capture an image using capture media in ConfigMgr 2012" that I found on this site. afternetworksettingssmsts.log smsts.log smsts-20130411-175136.log NetSetup.LOG
  5. Thanks for the reply. We have not updated to SP1 yet because I thought I should get my image working first. The account I am using is a domain admin account that I used with our previous software to join the domain. I am able to manually join the domain with it and I know that the password is correct however, without SP1 installed I can't verify it in Apply Network Settings. Attached is the log captured after "Apply Network Settings" (ns_smsts.log)and a log captured right after "Setup Windows and Configuration Manager" (smsts.log and smsts_20130403-134353.log) ns_smsts.log smsts.log smsts-20130403-134353.log
  6. The process doesn't error at any point and the smsts.log doesn't hightlight any failures. It seems to have completed successfully and it reboots to the mini setup. It reboots once more and finishes setting up for first time login. I have attached the log file I got from x:\windows\temp smsts.log
  7. I have also noticed that the Cnfg Mgr is not configured.
  8. I have successfully completed a Build and Capture of Windows 7 Ent 64-bit. My OSD is working as it should, I think, with the exception of joining the domain. I am using a Domain Admin account which I have verified works. My NIC is installed and I am able to connect to the network after the OSD completes and the computer restarts. After the restart the smsts.log file is under _SMSTaskSequence. If I look at the smsts.log filed under thec:\windows\ccm\logs\SMSTSLog folder it has the date of when I captured the image. I have attached the smsts.log from the _SMSTaskSequence folder. Also of note is the NetSetup.LOG also has the date of when I captured the image, not when I tried to deploy it. Any help would really be appreciated. Marguerite smsts.log NetSetup.LOG
  9. I finally figured out why this was happening. I finally looked in another log file, setupact.log which logs the set up of Windows (I can't remember Log folder it was in but I think it was C:\Windows). The problem was that I was using a MAK license and it couldn't be validated over the Internet. Once I removed this from my Task everything continued on and I was able to build and capture my image.
  10. I have successfully captured a Windows 7 image and deployed it to a Dell Optiplex 755. After the image has finished and the computer reboots I get a Windows Boot Manager window with the error that the driver atipcie.sys is missing or corrupt. I have downloaded and imported all Dell Optiplex cab files and I have checked and the driver for the ATI graphics card we use is in the drivers list. Where can I look to find out what the problem is?
  11. I am having a problem getting past the 'Setup Windows & Configuration Manager' in my Build and Capture TS. I used the instructions "System Center 2012 Configuration Manager - Part 7. Build and Capture Windows 7 X64 SP1" with the exeption that I am using Boot Media instead of PXE. Also I am using VMWare Workstation for my virtual machines. The error is "Failed to save the current environment block. This is usually caused by a problem with the program. Please check the Microsoft Knowledge Base to determine if this is a known issue or contact Microsoft Support Services for further assistance. The parameter is incorrect. (Error: 80070057; Source: Windows)" This is the smsts.log filesmsts.log I am using a Network Access Account which is a domain admin account and I verified it can connect. Any help is appreciated
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