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  1. Hi All We have few new Windows 8 computers added to the network. They are missing some fonts which we use specifically for some forms and all. Our DC's are running Windows Server 2008 R2. Please can any of you guide me on how to deploy fonts to Windows 8 using GPO. Some queries i) Is it possible to deploy through Computer Configuration. (users logging in will not be having admin rights) ii) After all computers get the font, if in case i remove the GPO, will the font get removed? (I guess NO) Please also let me know how to disable simple file sharing wizard through GPO. Thanks & Waiting for your replies. AJ
  2. Hi thanks for the write up. Will the auto deployment rule which we created in Step 4 deploy defenition updates to the client computers automatically. i noticed that the definition is different in the EP running on SCCM server and in Win 7. I guess this is due to the fact the the SCCM server is not included in the EP deployment collection. Please someone can correct me if I am wrong? thanks AJ
  3. Thanks for the excellent write up. I am sure that Systems Admins around the globe will find this very useful. Please can anyone assist me with the following Problem 1 Configuration Manager Trace Log Tool I understand this is related to the license agreement. But when I go back to SCCM 2012 and check Software Library, Windows 7 updates, I cannot find any update that has Lincense Terms = Required. How can I sort this issue. Problem 2 In end of Part 6, it is mentioned to create a new collection called Build and Capture Windows 7 X64 and repeat the above Deployment for our Windows 7 Updates and target it to the Build and Capture Windows 7 X64 Collection as follows How to do this. If I go to Assets & Compliance, Device Collection and Click Create New Device Collection It is asking for limiting collection. Which collection should I select here? Please advice.
  4. Thanks a lot for a Niall for the excellent work and also thanking Brian for compiling it all together. AJ
  5. Hi Root Admin, Thanks for the excellent work. The guide is a very detailed one covering even the minute steps. But I am confused with the following. Create AD users: Note: Perform the following on the Active Directory Domain Controller server (AD1) as Local Administrator In addition I created some accounts in AD, namely: * SMSadmin, a domain user * Testuser, a domain user * Testuser2, a domain user * Testuser3, a domain user * DomJoin, a domain user,(for joining computers to the domain) * ReportsUser, a domain user for reporting services. * ClientInstall, a domain user used when installing the Configuration Manager Client for Client Push. This user must be a local administrator on computers you want to install the Configuration Manager Client. * SCCMNAA, a domain user, (Network Access Account) used during OSD (What do you exactly mean by saying that Perform on AD DC as Local Administrator? How can we create domain accounts in AD by logging in as Local Admin. Please can you clarify ) Create Local Administrator accounts: Note: Perform the following on the SCCM 2012 server as Local Administrator On both the CAS and P01 ConfigMgr servers add the SMSadmin and ClientInstall users to the Local Administrators group. (Here it is clear. We have to add the domain account SMSadmin & ClientInstall to the local administrator group on CAS & P01) Waiting to hear from you soon. Thanks Adsl
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