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  1. Thanks, it doesn't make much sense esp. since it's the only platform that requires an additional investment, but what can we do.
  2. Thank you so much for the series, I'm considering implementing it in our company, but would appreciate a clarification. If I only want to deploy our own certificates, Wifi and VPN profiles to Windows Phones, do I still need a Symantec certificate? What if I want to deploy only Windows Phone Store apps or perhaps only links to store apps (not sure that is possible), with no internal LOB apps which need to be sideloaded? In short when do I need a Symantec certificate when dealing with Windows Phone?
  3. I'm very new to SCCM and am trying to learn using your great tutorials. My question is, what if I don't have a SCCM CAL, I only have the SCEP CAL. What in this guide changes, what functionality will I be missing, how do I need to set it all up?
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