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  1. Yes, thanks I have seen that article and tried the recommendations. No luck. The article refers to error PXE-E53 , but I am getting error PXE-E55.
  2. I have reviewed these articles before and have seen advice not to configure DHCP settings if the DHCP server and SCCM/PXE server are on different servers which they are.
  3. Yes, the client is on the same subnet as the SCCM server.
  4. I am unable to PXE boot a bare metal PC using SCCM 2012 sp1. I have never tried to deploy an operating system before now. Here is my situation: Recently upgraded my SCCM 2012 site to sp1. Site system status is all green. Configured SCCM 2012 to deploy operating systems using PXE boot. When I try to PXE boot the bare metal PC, the following error message is returned: PXE-E55 ProxyDHCP service did not reply to request on port 4011. The firewall on the SCCM 2012 server is turned off. In the SMSPXE.log I have the following message: Getting boot action for unknown machine: item key: 2046820352 SMSPXE 4/11/2013 9:46:31 AM 3008 (0x0BC0) Client boot action reply: <ClientIDReply><Identification Unknown="0" ItemKey="2046820352" ServerName="" ServerRemoteName=""><Machine><ClientID>b3a3b006-6b2f-45bf-aa94-3b4fd1d4ddac</ClientID><NetbiosName/></Machine></Identification><PXEBootAction LastPXEAdvertisementID="" LastPXEAdvertisementTime="" OfferID="RHC2002C" OfferIDTime="4/10/2013 3:53:00 PM" PkgID="RHC0001D" PackageVersion="" PackagePath="http://myserver/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/RHC00020" BootImageID="RHC00020" Mandatory="0"/></ClientIDReply> SMSPXE 4/11/2013 9:46:31 AM 3008 (0x0BC0) 78:45:C4:24:00:43, 4C4C4544-004A-3610-8043-B6C04F545731: found optional advertisement RHC2002C SMSPXE 4/11/2013 9:46:31 AM 3008 (0x0BC0) I have tried reinstalling WDS and disabling/re-enabling PXE booting in SCCM 2012 3 times to no avail. I am up against a brick wall on this one. Almost ready to call Microsoft but wanted to let you guys have a look at this first. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Great documentation. I have a question. Once I am happy with the migration from SCCM 2007 to 2012, what is the best way to decommission/uninstall SCCM 2007?
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