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  1. you know your spoiling us You have no idea how much this is appreciated. I am working on my SCCM certification and I used your documents in the past to create an SCCM 2007 environment and it worked well. I used other docs for my SCCM 1710 build (on Server 2008r2 and Server 2012). Even though the docs work, they were not laid out as organized as this (and they skipped some steps) and never provided scripts to auto build. With your process, I can build and rebuild (manual and automatically) so I can learn better. Again, I thank you very very much
  2. you are absolutely right. I changed (thanks to your last comment) that about 2 minutes before receiving this update and it appears to be working now. $SDKServer="MySCCM2016.MY2016DC.LOCAL" $RoleCommunicationProtocol="HTTPorHTTPS" $ClientsUsePKICertificate="0" $PrerequisiteComp="1" $PrerequisitePath="D:\Downloads" $ManagementPoint="MySCCM2016.MY2016DC.LOCAL" $ManagementPointProtocol="HTTP" $DistributionPoint="MySCCM2016.MY2016DC.LOCAL" $DistributionPointProtocol="HTTP" $DistributionPointInstallIIS="0" $AdminConsole="1" $JoinCEIP="0" $SQLServerName="MySCCM2016.MY2016DC.LOCAL" Thank you SO much for all this information. It has been very useful. After it completes, I will do it all over again just for fun. Again, I thank you.
  3. the sql name should be right because when I did a manual install, it has the FQDN for SQL server . The configmgr server and SQL server are on the same system albeit different hard drives. The configmgr has full rights
  4. Thank you so much for this. It has really helped speed the process up. Question: I get the error below when running the script to install SCCM Branch version 1702 I get "Failed to create SQL Alias on the server". I thought I changed all the settings correct but apparently I have not. Can you tell me what I've done incorrectly? Below is what I edited in the script $Action="InstallPrimarySite" $ProductID="xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx" [x's are replaced with actual key] $SiteCode="LAR" $Sitename="Test Primary Site" $SMSInstallDir="D:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager" $SDKServer="mysccm2016.local" $RoleCommunicationProtocol="HTTPorHTTPS" $ClientsUsePKICertificate="0" $PrerequisiteComp="1" $PrerequisitePath="D:\Downloads" $ManagementPoint="mysccm2016.local" $ManagementPointProtocol="HTTP" $DistributionPoint="mysccm2016.local" $DistributionPointProtocol="HTTP" $DistributionPointInstallIIS="0" $AdminConsole="1" $JoinCEIP="0" $SQLServerName="MySCCM2016.MY2016DC.LOCAL" $DatabaseName="CM_LAR" $SQLSSBPort="4022" $CloudConnector="1" $CloudConnectorServer="mysccm2016.local" $UseProxy="0" $ProxyName="" $ProxyPort="" $SysCenterId=""
  5. Hello, I have been searching (unsuccessfully) for a vbs or powershell script that will delete devices from SCCM 2012 but the search criteria must be serial number and/or MAC address. I have several scripts that successfully removes via computer name but we have issues with users renaming their computer name (even though they have been instructed not to). The script can be one system at a time or in batches. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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