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  1. Ok thanx , for help. After deleteing 1500 files form ccrretry box problem no longer exist.
  2. That is strange. Both my colegues claim that they did not play with client push agent method. Is there a way to check who did enabled it?
  3. Hi All I saw today in my environemnt (SCCM 2007 R3) that SMS_client_config_manager is critical. I have hundrieds of PC reporting error 5 (SMS Client Configuration Manager cannot connect to the machine "WKS9745") and error 53 (SMS Client Configuration Manager cannot find machine "WKS1123" on the network. Could you help me how to fix the issue. Important: 1. Client Push Instalation - is DISABLED 2. Active Directory System Discovery - is DISABLED Regards Greg
  4. Hi All Could anybody help me to solve my issue? I need to create TS which 1. Deinstall old soft 2. Install new version The problem is that I need to be sure that there is at least 1 GB avalible disk space on C drive before 1 task starts. I know that I could use WMI query but Im not sure how exactely the WQL Query should look like. Thanks for any help provided Greg
  5. Ok thanx for the reply I wasn't aware that Windows 8 is not supported in SCCM 2007 (thats why I have 0x0000032 error duruing driver injection ?) Coming back to my question I realy read it: CM07 - http://www.windows-n...cm-2007-guides/ do I understand it correctelly 1. I need to run Build and Capture task sequence first Task includes os deployment , base appliacations instalation and caputuring an image 2. Next step is deploying captured image (containing already installed applications) + injecting drivers for specific hardware base on wmi query (example: Select * FROM Win32_ComputerSystemProduct where Vendor="Dell Inc.") right? If so one question when may I custiomize my Delault profile I need to makle some modifications (shotcuts, wallpaper, screensaver, etc) As I understand I can/should use unattended.xml file for sysprep and should use <CopyProfile>true</CopyProfile> But when I use BAC task sequence I'm not able to make modification for my Administrator profile (it will be copied to Default User profile)
  6. Hi I'm playing with deployment of Windows 8 Enteprise My task sequence works perfectelly on VmwareMachine. I mean I manage to deploy OS + all appliactions (without captupring an image) I tried to depoy OS on Lenovox220 using the same TS but modified with drivers requires on x220 . Those drivers were tested and worked on x220 I getting an error during Auto Apply Drivers task. Now I know that it run in Windows environment and it should run in WinPE env Still when I added drivers to Apply Device Drivers I see uknown devices when I log in to system after TS finish What I meant is how image creation process looks like? 1. Deploy OS + apps on virtualmachine 2. Capture Image v1 from VM 3. Deploy captured image v1 on phisical machine 1 + apply drivers + capture image V2 4.Deploy captured image v2 on phisical machine 3 + apply drivers + capture image V3 5.Deploy captured image v3 on phisical machine N + apply drivers + capture image VN = "GOLDEN IMAGE"
  7. Hi All First of all apology for noobish questions but I'm a realy beginner. I've read most of the articles here about OSD and I feel that more I read, the less I understand. I've 10 different types of hardwared (PCs HP, Dell, Lenovo) in my lab. I've tried to build a "the golden image" for my PCs using task sequence form SCCM 2007 R3. I'm really confused because I don't really understand what steps should I take to do that. As I understood first step is to build reference machine based on unattended.xml file I gather all required drivers and impored them into SCCM database (I have them in Drives section and also creates Drivers Pacages) My question is when shoudl I apply those drivers? I tried to use Auto Apply Drives/Packages task (I'm getting error 0x0000032 during this task) after Setup windows and ConfMrg task , also tried to use Apply Device Drivers task Could anyone please explain it to me steps to prepare OSC task sequence for different types of hardware or at least send me an example task sequece (xml) Regards Greg
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