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  1. Hello, My Automatic Deployment Rules aren't working anymore. I get the following error : 0x87D20702 "Item not found in Site Control File". In the ruleengine.log, I have the following errors : Failed to read account (domain\user) from site control file (0x87D20702) Failed to read account (k) from site control file (0x87D20702) Failed to get proxy information from the site control file The user which is mentioned on the error, is the account that was used for Software Update Point. I changed to another account one month ago, and since I change, the rules aren't working anymore. It seems that the new account hasn't been applied correctly. How can I update the Site Control File to solve my problem ? I've already reinstalled the software update point, it doesn't fix. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello Keywan, You need to run SCCM 2012 R2 setup, and select "Recover a site". Then provide the backup files and follow the instructions. Before you recover the site, be sure to have all the prerequisites installed on the server.
  3. One more information : the new server has the same name as the old one. Edit : the backup files were not good ! I got a good backup and now the restore step worked better !
  4. Thank you for sharing your experience ! I've decided to perform the upgrade in 3 steps : - move the DB to SQL Server 2014 - move SCCM to a new Win 2012 R2 Server (backup&restore) - upgrade to version 1511 The DB has been moved successfully. On second step, I'm trying to recover the site server using the last backup I did, and I'm getting the following error : Invalid backup location was specified. The backup location must be ConfigMgr backup location and must have read permission for the site recovering. I think that permissions are good and I specify the right location (I've copied on the new server the XYZBackup folder). Any ideas about what I'm missing ?
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a guide to migrate from SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 to SCCM 1511. SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 is installed on Win 2008 R2 and the database is on SQL 2008 R2 too. I want to have SCCM 1511 installed on a new Win 2012 R2 server with the database on SQL 2014. How to proceed ?
  6. Hello, I've created a security role to give access to the SCCM console to my colleagues. I want to allow them to add/remove computers to collections. That works fine. I also want to allow them to push the SCCM client if it's not installed on some computers, I don't know how to do that without giving them the "Application Adminstrator" role... Does anybody know how to do that ? Thanks. Airka,
  7. How can I set not to use /encrypt and /nocompress together ?
  8. I set a task sequence variable called "OSDMigrateAdditionalCaptureOptions" with the following value : /ui:Domain\* (I've also tried /ue:*\admin*, /ue\%computername%\*, with the same result). In the "Capture user state" step, I've choosen "Customize how user profiles are captured" and added MigUser.xml and MigApp.xml. It fails during "Initializing capture" step. The scanstate.log tells : [0x000000] An error occurred processing the command line. /encrypt can't be used with /nocompress[gle=0x00000006]
  9. Did someone find a solution for this problem ? I always get the same error... My config : SCCM 2012 MIgration from Win7 to Win7. It fails at Capture User State step.
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