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  1. Nothing is displaying. I have seen any temp profile in my C/Users Can you tell me exact path pls?
  2. While I am clicking Setuplog file (mentioned in the above screenshot), I am not able to open the log file Could you pls tell me the exact location of the log file??
  3. Yes, I am testing in lab environment PFA Error screenshot and help me pls
  4. I am trying to install CM12 R2 in server 2008 R2 sp1. Does the above the ADK 8.1 supports that OS?
  5. While installing ADK 8.1, it is showing Acess denied error.. Not able to continue with installation. Pls help
  6. Sir, Thank u.. Yes, Client computer targetted to those missing updates... We have deployed all patches released in the month to clients.. Some deployed updates are installed in client machines, but some are showing missing.. pls help
  7. Hi All, Need your help Pls We have deployed patches to all our client machines But in some machines WUAHandler.log, Some of the updates showing missing Pls find the below log: Updates missing showing in WUAHandlerlog Why this happened? What might the problem? need the resolution Pls ================================== 1.Update (Missing): Security Update for Office Communicator 2007 R2 (KB2827753) (08a56a58-ec36-4b1d-a69d-9c94e51b2ba4, 201) WUAHandler 7/11/2013 10:33:48 PM 4872 (0x1308) 2. Update (Missing): Update for Windows 7 (KB2798162) (14c9b803-8f12-45a5-8f00-936b6e
  8. Hats off to you sir... Sharing SCCM knowledge to the world.. I have learnt everything from your blogs.
  9. Hi All, Pls help If I have 3 Primary Sites and 1 CAS in SCCM 2007 Hierarchy, then what is the procedure need to follow to migrate the objects to SCCM 2012?? I need to Migrate from CAS or I need to Migrate the data from all the primary site servers separately??? Pls help
  10. Great, Great and Greatest Portal.. I have learnt SCCM from this portal alone......... Many Many Thanks Sir.... Very good work and Excellent Knowledge Thank You!!
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