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  1. Great tutorial but I have some questions I'm hoping you can answer: 1. Under step #3, the screenshot directly below "So Below screenshot is from the first run of the ADR." shows a package source (\\cas\sources . . . ). Did you create this manually? The "WindowsUpdates\Windows 7|" sub-directory is not in my sources folder so I couldn't choose it. Do I have to create it manually? Also, what does it do? There really isn't an explanation unless I missed it in one of the other tutorials. 2. You mention creating the ADR, running it, disabling it, and then recreate the rule (selecting the package the first rule created). When I try to recreate and name the rule and "Select Deployment Template", it says one with that name already exists. This makes sense but I see your screenshot shows two rules with the same name. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any help you can give.
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