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  1. Hello all, We are deploying Windows 8.1 using SCCM 2012 R2 through PXE and we are having a really tough time getting it to work on Dell Latitude E7xxx series laptops. Here's what we are seeing: Boots into WinPE 5 Disk format - completes Change bios settings using Dell's CCTK - completes Installs 8.1, sets windows settings, apply's network settings - completes Installs 8.1 drivers from dell - completes Installs Windows and Configuration Manager - completes Reboots - says getting devices ready - completes Does not resume the task sequence - says "Getting ready" - hangs and times out after several hours. We also have Dell Latitude E6xxx series laptops that image successfully. Only our E7440 laptops are failing. We have tried the following with no luck: Hardware diagnostics checked out fine. Took out the SSD and put in a platter. Disabled every non essential hardware piece in the BIOS like the camera, microphone, etc. Updated the BIOS. Switched to Legacy Boot Installed a different 8.1 WIM that was fresh off of an 8.1 CD. Re-downloaded the CAB drivers. Downloaded retail drivers and built a new driver package. Only installed the auto drivers using the "Auto Apply Drivers" option. Installed the OS with no driver option. Installed Windows 8.1 with an USB drive and it installed successfully with no issues. Tried installing a Windows 8 task sequence that works on our E6xxx series laptops - failed to even start. Created a new task sequence with bare minimum options. Has anybody seen this before? Please let me know if you would like me to upload any logs or xml's of my task sequence.
  2. Peter33, thank you again. The WMF download doesn't like the computer. Maybe because its Win7 Enterprise? The fact that Software center is failing to install properly after communication to the SCCM server has been confirmed makes me believe you are correct. There is a WMI problem. The only question that remains unanswered is, why can we manually install these updates? The answer will have to remain unknown because its far more time consuming to continue troubleshooting then to simply hop onto each of the 10 computers manually. Besides, we are replacing most of the computers this fall. Thank you for your help Peter33!
  3. Thank you again Peter33 for your help. I ran through this process to repair WMI. http://windowsxp.mvps.org/repairwmi.htm You are correct, it cant communicate with the server and it can't see the deployments to its collection. The Configuration Manager Properties tabs are showing up now after the WMI fix but its still having a hard time communicating to the SCCM server. I verified this is not a problem with SCCM on the server side because a freshly imaged Win7 x86 installed these problem updates and can see its deployments. In the LocationServices.log its showing "Client is not assigned to a site. Cannot get portal info." I'm confused. The site code in the configuration manager properties is correct. Ideas? Also showing: <![LOG[unable to get SMS_MPInformationEx.MP="Unicron.DOMAIN.COM" of [unicron.DOMAIN.COM] from WMI due to error 0x80041002]LOG]!><time="11:17:51.971+300" date="07-03-2013" component="LocationServices"
  4. Peter33, thank you for the suggestions! The BITS fix didn't work but it showed new symptoms. Instead of downloading 0%, it fails immediately. I uninstalled the client from the workstation and pushed the install from the SCCM console and now its failing to communicate properly with our SCCM server. What's odd is I can push a new install from the SCCM console, but after its done the console says its offline. This is what the client shows now.
  5. We have a single server site setup with SCCM 2012 SP1 5.0.7804.1000. We have 3 updates that fail to download/install to 10 Win7 x86 workstations. The rest of the computers have successfully installed these patches. The patches are: kb2719857 kb2732059 kb2741355 I have confirmed that these patches are in the DP and the download URL from the logs successfully resolves to the DP. These patches have installed perfectly on 72 machines but fail on 10 of the total 82. Here are the symptoms: Client computers show Downloading (0% complete) in software center. You can successfully install these updates manually from windows updates. SCCM shows "Failed to install update(s)" with an error description of "Item not found" I have troubleshot this for two days and at this point I feel like I'm missing something obvious. Does anybody know why these 3 patches refuse to install on 10 computers but install perfectly on 72? Please help! Let me know what logs you wish to see.
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