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  1. Hi - Just wondering if this is the process I would use to create a wim file of a fully patched Windows 8 machine in order to use it to create Windows to Go devices on USB? Currently the wim file we get from the WIndows 8 Enterprise install is the base image, and I would like to be able to patch up a Windows 8 machine fully, create a wim file and then use that wim file to create the Windows to Go devices.
  2. Hi there. First off, I am very new to SCCM. I currently have SCCM SP1 (beta) set up in a lab environment. I have been able to successfully deploy applications to Windows 8 clients. I am currently looking at configuring WIndows Updates for my test clients. I have WSUS installed on my SCCM server. I am at the point where I am adding the site system role for Software Updates. In the Wizard I get to the point where it asks me what updates I want to synchronize. No where do I see Windows 8 mentioned. I see all the other OS's, but not Windows 8. When I look online I am told that SCCM 2012 SP1 will fully support Windows 8. Am I missing something? Does SCCM 2012 SP1 support Windows Updates for windows 8 machines?
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