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  1. Hi anyweb, I tried butt no luck this time may be I have missed some settings because I am a newbie to SMS 2003 Server. Please provide guide lines (With Pictures Please) for Installing and configuring Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates (ITMU) so that clients should use SMS 2003 server as the update server. You can save my lot of time and energy. dunpeal
  2. Hello anyweb and everybody else, I have followed the guide lines for installing SMS 2003 server and i have successfully deployed packages to clients. Thanks to anyweb for providing guide lines and now I need a little more help.. Now I want to configure SMS2003 server for the windows updates, so that the SMS clients (windows xp, windows 2003 servers) should use SMS 2003 as update server rather than downloading updates directly from Internet. Please Provide guide lines for doing so just like you have provided for installation and configuration of SMS 2003. Looking forward for earliest reply to my request. Thanks in advance. dunpeal...
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