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  1. Im glad it helped you too.. :) And that it was that easy to undo... It could have been much worse.. :)
  2. All right , try and alter the table and add those rows as you can see is missing from the other table, I vaguely remember that rowversion data is autogenerated. just start with recreating 1 row and see in the console if it helped.
  3. I did have A support ticket, but I managed to solve this problem myself. The issue was that I somehow managed to delete some rows in the database, so I found another scan database and replicated the lost rows myself. what do you get if you type these queries: select * from v_UpdateCategoryInstances and select * from CI_UpdateCategorySubscription
  4. I talked with Microsoft, and while the technician tried to recreate through virtual lab, I did the same, and found out if I altered the DB in my virtual lab I could recreate the problem, and also get it back. So I asked the technician if I could just do the same, and his answer was yes, just try. And now my system is working again, both of the problems I had.
  5. I Found the problem.. I opened SMSPROV.log and wached the log as I clicked throug to the point where the problem is. this is what the log tells me.: Execute SQL =select distinct tCategory.LocaleID,tCategory.CategoryInstance_UniqueID,tCategory.CategoryInstanceName from fn_ListCategoryInstances(1033) as tCategory,fn_ListCICategoriesAll(1033) as tRelation,fn_ListGlobalConditions_List(1033) as tCI where ((((tCategory.CategoryTypeName = N'GlobalCondition' AND tCategory.CategoryInstanceID = tRelation.CategoryInstanceID) AND tRelation.CI_ID = tCI.CI_ID) AND tCI.ModelName = N'ScopeId_133D0CAC-6
  6. Thanks Kevin for all your ideas. I might have for the root cause for the problem. As seen in this picture alle the Update Categories marked with yellow has AllowSubscription = 0 and line number 11 starts with 16777253. And seen in this picture, line 1 is referring to 16777253 and none of the update classifications. So perhaps some ugly thing has happened in the database. Think it's time for Supprt Ticket..
  7. I did an wsutil /reset and then a checkhealth and the eventlog tells everything is working fine I also tried to change some product in another environement and got the same kind of XML data as described in my last post. So perhaps thats just working as intended.
  8. Yes, I have both updates installed. I think it might be a corrupted db that gives the problem. When I remove the SUP, and then reinstall it, the wizard remembers my choises. I suspect it has something to do with it. So, if I somehow could totally reset the sccm db regarding SUP settings, it might work. In WCM.log theres this line: Subscribed Update Categories <?xml version="1.0" ?>~~<Categories>~~ <Category Id="Product:01030579-66d2-446e-8c65-538df07e0e44"><![CDATA[Windows 8.1 Language Packs]]></Category>~~ <Category Id="Product:0a07aea1-9d09-4c1e-8d
  9. Why is this powershell cmdlet not working? Am I missing something?
  10. Here are my 3 logs. WCM.log WSUSCtrl.log wsyncmgr.log
  11. I tried today to set classifications through powershell but I get this.. :/ Set-CMSoftwareUpdatePointComponent -SiteCode XXX -AddUpdateClassification "Definition Updates" Set-CMSoftwareUpdatePointComponent : No object corresponds to the specified parameters. At line:1 char:1 + Set-CMSoftwareUpdatePointComponent -SiteCode XXX -AddUpdateClassification "Defin ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (Microsoft.Confi...omponentCommand:SetSoftwareUpdatePointComponentCommand) [set-CMSoftwareUpdat
  12. No unfortunately you are right. It didn't work for me. I just thought it did, or well, it did first time I changed the WSUS options. I saw this in the log: sync: WSUS synchronizing updates, processed 14257 out of 84442 items (16%), ETA in 02:28:40 But now I get the same WARNING: Request filter does not contain any known classifications. Sync will do nothing. SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER
  13. I had the same error as you point out, and as a quick workaround I solved it by choosing classification in WSUS
  14. A some sort of related question on my other post: http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10777-application-requirement-global-condition-issue/
  15. Hi, I have Sync form Windows update, and Do not create WSUS reporting events. But I dont think this relates to windows update. I think it's some component or thing in SCCM that doesn't get loaded correctly.
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