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  1. Thanks Peter, I ended up writing a script to create advertisements for each of the subCollections based on the parent. This will allow the advertisements to migrate.
  2. I am looking for a way to create new package deployments based on Collection name. I have the creation of the deployments down, but cannot figure how to gather and store the names of the collections to pass into the set-cmpackagedeployment cmdlet. My basic idea would be a for loop, so foreach object in the collection create package with package name and collection name.
  3. We are starting to move forward with our migration and I have a question regarding migrating of mixed object. I know this is not supported so I figured I'd ask for suggestions. In our 2007 environment we have all of our apps in a collection tier. The parent collection is just a blank collection, then there are 2 sub collections under that. One is for our AD group for that app, and one is for computers. We advertised the collection to the AD group and push to the Machine collection. The issue I'm running into is that we advertised each apps Uninstall to the parent collection. Since th
  4. Thanks. One more follow up. If I run the built in encryption via MDT task sequence that only encrypts the C:\. Will I need to create another step to encrypt the D:\?
  5. If there is only a single hard drive that has 2 partitions, do both of the partitions need to be encrypted? Or will enabling it on one of them protect the whole disk?
  6. With Windows 8.1 you can utilize the new import/export layout. See link below. http://stealthpuppy.com/customizing-the-windows-8-1-start-screen-dont-follow-microsofts-guidance/
  7. I was leaning toward it being driver related, but didn't see any errors in the log.
  8. We are having an issue where after imaging the user tries to log in and sees the "No logon servers available error". The machine is joined to the domain, and is in AD. When looking at the SMSTS log, we are seeing the below errors. We are not seeing any issues with our servers and this is only happening at a couple sites and for only one model. We can image this model fine at our primary site. Any ideas? socket 'connect' failed; 8007274c TSManager 5/12/2014 9:52:47 AM 3572 (0x0DF4) hr, HRESULT=80072ee2 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\osdmessaging\libsmsmessaging.cpp,7714) TSManager 5/12/
  9. Do you have AutoLogon set in your unattend.txt? Should look something like this: AutoLogon="Yes"
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