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  1. I tried again and I cannot get the cmd to come up , I keep pressing F8 and it has been enabled in both x86 and x64 , any ideas? Many thanks.
  2. Great I will try that later this evening , and try and look for this file. and post it as soon as I find it.
  3. Hi Basically as soon as I type in the PXE boot password to start the tasks , that is when the error comes up saying it cannot start the tasks , then just loops back to pxe boot screen again. That log is that under program files then microsoft system manager on the sccm server?
  4. Hi I got SCCM 2012 installed on a vm and have created a image windows 7 x86 , trying to install this image on a new vm and I get an error when I type in the password , it says error getting tasks to start , I have done the solutions like changing bios date and time , but still no luck . Any other ideas on this? Thank you DJ SAI
  5. Hello It is happening on all my XP boxes and this is the first time I am using sccm.
  6. Hello I need some help to figure out why I am not receiving a pop up balloon on XP , I have sccm 2007 r3 set up and it sees the client which is Windows XP Now trying to push out some updates to this machine and the pop up balloon is not appearing not sure what I need and need some help to find out what went wrong. If anyone can help that would be great Thank you DJ SAI
  7. Right I see so on the second server do I make that DC or just join it to the domain as normal via computer properties What i did was make two servers one dc1 for the domain,ad, dns and dhcp, then on the second server just i joined it to the network as normal is that correct for sccm setup? Thank you for helping me out on this.
  8. Hi Everyone I need some help in understanding SCCM 2007 , basically from the guides that I have read on this site you can install SCCM and SQL on a Domain Controller, but on you tube videos I have been watching they have two separate servers one DHCP and the other for SCCM, The set up I have is this DC1 is my primary domain controller and the dc2-sccm is just for the sccm server only and that one is not a Domain Controller. My question is does the dc2-sccm have to be a domain controller in order for SCCM to work or can i just join it to the existing domain from the computer properies. Thank you. DJ SAI
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