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  1. that is a great resource, however not quite what I want... I don't want to install any OS or image any device. I merely want a library of ISO files that I can PXE boot into. Our production would be booting systems that have no hard drive in them, into a live cd of memtest86+ to test the memory modules or something similar. I would use it to help service users PC's when I needed to... a library of Live CD's that I can boot any pc on the network into simply by rebooting would be great... I hate having so many USB's around... I'm getting the linux version up and running for now, almost done... not hard... I just prefer sccm... could have the software center have options (reboot to Memtest Live, Reboot to Tails Live, Reboot to Heirens)
  2. Hi, Currently our manufacturing department is using a physical machine with linux on it serving PXE bootable memtest86+ to the local subnet. They have been managing this server themselves aside from the IT department because we don't really support linux at this time.. but now the person who knew how to use it left, and it stopped working... So now its been put back into IT's hands to get this thing going... and if I need to, I will fix the linux side.... but I would MUCH rather use our existing SCCM setup for this and NOT have multiple PXE/DHCP servers So does anyone know a way to use SCCM to boot into PXE and be presented with memtest86+ to test the memory in that client machine? (this could then be added you the various tutorials on this site because many people would love a way to boot into iso live linux distributions) Here is the linux example: http://wellsie.net/p/286/ Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. In System Center 2012 Configuration Manager RTM we use the Setup.exe method of deploying Windows which involves using the entire operating system image media (operating system installer). There are changes to this method in Service Pack 1 but as that has yet to be released we will use the Build and Capture process based on an operating system installer image (Setup.exe). Any chance we can get the SP1 instructions/changes you mentioned in the guide? the build and capture task sequence was updated to apply an operating system image instead of running Setup.exe for installation. You can still run Setup.exe for Windows 8 deployments by editing the task sequence in the task sequence editor. It does sound kind of like the change will be under the hood, and not in the process... but I would like to be sure...
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