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  1. I m deploying a mp in untrusted domain. Getting error MPMSI failed Error code 1603. Any idea
  2. hi, i have added a untrusted forest in my existing sccm 2012 infra. I have deployed a dp in that forest by creating a site system and installing a dp role on to it. now i m trying to deploy applications to untrusted domain systems. but it is not happening . any one can tell me ,what i need to do now.. PLZ help...
  3. configuration manager can not connect to specified AD container you specified. Error 0X8007202B A referral was returned from the server. My current domain is RAT.com Want to add -Supersonics.com Plz tell me the steps.i will be thankful to u.
  4. Hi, My infra is SCCM Server is in a domain.I want to add or manage a diffrent domain by SCCM Seerver. Suppose Infra is SCCM Server is in - RAT.com Want to add or manage - Super.com when I am adding it as a new forest. getting error -: can not connect to LDAP server of supersonics .com please can any one tell me the one by one steps to do... Help...
  5. Hi, Thanks for reply. No there are no options like 60,67 configured in DHCP. Actually what i want, some systems should boot with sccm 2007 & some from Sccm 2012. so i have configured a ip address range boundary to sccm 2012 server. now i m starting my systems with pxe boot. still pointing to sccm 2007 server.
  6. hi, in my infra,i have both SCCM 2007 & 2012 Serverwith PXE Enabled settings. when i m booting up my targeted machine it is booting & contacting to only SCCM 2007 server,not to SCCM 2012 server. I want that my machine contact with SCCM 2012 Server. or there can be selection list to choose SCCM server to contact. bothe server are in same domain & on same subnate.Plz help...
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