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  1. Hi, Wondering if someone can help us please.... We are trying to finalise a Windows 7 image that we have created so that we can deploy this via SCCM 2012 but we are currently getting the following error when trying to finalise... "PEIMG failed to complete the operation with status code 0x80070005" We have tried to create just a basic windows 7 image without any additional drivers and creating a custom Windows 7 image with additional drivers (which is want we want) but no matter what we do we get the above error. I read a couple of posts on this site which suggested that to
  2. Hey, Before I start, I’ve never installed or used SCCM 2012 or previous version! I’ve just inherited access to an existing SCCM 2012 install for work and I have no information about said install. I have no idea how the install was handled (done by the previous IT staff that left the job), the joys of IT! As far as I can make out we are running 3 servers, one CAS, one Primary and I’m not sure on the other (possibly something to do with SQL). I can only really see one solution to my current problem and that’s to wipe the images and start from scratch. I’d just like to know if there is anythi
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