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  1. Hi All, I would like to install OSD on any drive letter except C using SCCM TS. Please help.
  2. There are few points worth checking: 1) Which mode you are using BIOS or UEFI 2) Which version of ADK you are using, it should be latest one 3) What IP your machine is getting and any change in IP boundaries 4) Check WDS services
  3. Hi All, We had removed our one of the secondary sites from SCCM hierarchy almost year back, but now we are getting issues related to overlapping boundaries. on checking the boundaries, boundaries shown in RAP report doesn't exist in SCCM console. I had also checked system management container in AD, There was entry for the old removed secondary site which is now removed from AD. I am still getting issues related to overlapping boundaries. one more thing is I am also seeing some entries for old site in system management container (right side) for mSSMSRoamingBoundaryRange.
  4. Hi, No we dont have any issue's prior to upgrade. As of now MS team is looking into it from past 2 days but no luck yet.
  5. we have 1 CAS and 4 Primaries in our environment and had recently updated our sccm environment from 1602 to 1610. we are facing replication issues in CAS and one of the primary sites. On CAS every things seems to be OK but on one of the primary sites it shows replication link in failed state. On bit digging down replication group CloudProxy is in failed state and RLA is in degraded state. On initiating replication analyzer, CloudProxy become active but RLA remains in degraded state and after some time link again failed.
  6. Hi Garth, With single TS, I am managing 15 different regions. As of now in XML i am using <UserLocale>%OSDUserLocale%</UserLocale> and I need value for English(Belgium).
  7. Hi All, How can i set a formats under region settings to English(Belgium). I cant find code for this and I think it can be done by putting value for OSDUserLocale as collection variable.
  8. Hi All, I was trying to upgrade my test SCCM 1602 environment to 1602. I have 1 CAS and three primary sites available. While doing upgrade from 1602 to 1606, on CAS and 2 primary sites content replication succeeded while on third primary site it stuck at replicating content from past 16 days. Nothing in logs, they were old logs (logs for 1511 to 1602) nothing is happening. Logs are attached.SCCM_Logs.zip
  9. Hi All, Now same thing happened again while doing upgrade from 1602 to 1602. 1 cas and 2 primary sites content replication succeeded while on third primary site it stuck at replicating content from past 16 days. Nothing in logs, they were old logs nothing is happening.
  10. Hi Garth, I trying SCORCH for my solution. Now I had created one script in runbook which gives me result as CSV file. Now its like computer names in column A and names of collections in Column B. so now how can i import different computers to different collections. I had integrated SCCM connector to SCORCH.
  11. Hi Peter, I had added one column to my default DB view R_systems now I need that column to be visible under class property of Class name (R_system). So Do I need to modify one of the DLL of console builder.
  12. Hi Garth, Thanks for the update. Taking 1 e.g, We need this as we have various windows server which have different patching cycle and reboot schedules and user changes this information very often. This info is updated on self service portal by a user and goes to sql DB. Now we want to integrate that information in SCCM sql DB (done that part) so that servers moves to different patching collections automatically. and also show that as property of system in SCCM console to identify which servers in under which patching cycle.
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