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  1. When i look at the statesys.log all the times say 1/1/1601 12:00am
  2. Getting this error in my component status. The State System message file processing processed one or more files that contained errors or invalid data. Review the statesys.log file for further details. But when i check statesys.log i dont see any errors.
  3. I can see them in the console and it says they have the client. Cannot add via query either.
  4. I have a few Windows 10 Test Machines. When I go to add them by direct query SCCM never find them. They have client installed and show in the SCCM console.
  5. Having an issue with are Helpdesk users when remoting machines they can no longer use the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel. I think this is do to the driver (Screen Scaper) SCCM uses. We can use the windows tool to change everything but selecting the primary monitor like we could in the Intel tool.
  6. Is it possible to build a colllection off of machines that failed a deployment?
  7. i have this for the install msiexec /p "AcrobatUpd954_all_incr.msp" /q REBOOT=ReallySuppress Reinstallmode=omus reinstall=all
  8. Need some help with suppressing reboots in SCCM 2012, when updating Acrobat. I need the user to not get a forced reboot. Right now what is happening is the user get a 90min window to reboot, the last 15mins the nag message stays up but then a force reboot occurs. I need no reboot to occur. In my deployment/user experience i have all hide in software center and all notifications.
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