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  1. Thanks for your reply Which of the log I have to search on for the connection. Is it AD logs? Also when the AD turned off the system takes long time to log in to desktop.
  2. Dear all; First thing I would like to thank all of you for your support and knowledge sharing. I have an issue with SCCM 2012 and Active Directory, I will describe it here. I have three Active directory one of them OS 2003 r2 and tow are 2008 r2. 2003 was handeling all FSMO roles and I moved the FSMO roles to 2008 r2 and tried to demote the 2003 to get the full 2008 r2 features, but when I was turned off 2003 for a while to make sure all our systems are up and running SCCM 2012 can not connect to database which the database on seperate server. For the information when I trune of AD 2003 SCCM 2012 connect to DB. I wish if someone helps me to resolve the issue. Best Regards
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