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  1. So it looks like all of the sudden this is working. This is strange.
  2. I'm trying to wrap my head around software updates which I thought were easy to setup. I can confirm that the updates are being sent to the clients without any issue. However when I try to monitor the ADR I always get a compliance of 0.0% with an Unknown status for all the clients in the collection even after running summarization. The strange thing sees to be that this is happening only on Windows 8 clients. The Asset Details show the 2 test clients in the collection as Client check passed/Active. I've run a Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle manually from both c
  3. I've gone through the tutorials here and for the most part we have everything working as we expected. However we have a couple of machines including my own Surface Pro tablet that are not showing any hardware inventory in resource explorer. This tablet has been reimaged at least once so that may be the root of the issue. I have uninstalled the client on my tablet, deleted the SMSCFG.INI file, deleted the device out of SCCM, rebooted and let the discovery complete and push the client back to the tablet. The result is the same each time. It looks like all other pieces are working norm
  4. I've deployed 7Zip to a group of Windows 8 machines and we noticed an interesting issue today. The app never shows up in Software Center. There are no notifications, etc. I also noticed that the link to to the Application Catalog is not an active link. This is happening on all of our Windows 8 machines. The Windows 7 machines are working properly. The link is not active even if I deploy to user collections.
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