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  1. I guess I should have given a little more info.. Domain B has three sites that ar geographicly seperated with fairly good connections between them. So content would need to be at each of the three sites so as not to overwhelm the WAN links. Then from what you have said nothing more than DP's for content would be required for OSD.
  2. Did I not give enough information? Would I need more than just a DP and MP in DomainB? Would that allow me to image in domain B?
  3. OK let’s see if I can explain this. Domain A has a fully functional SCCM environment with CAS and Primary. Domain B has no SCCM installation. The task is to bring OSD to the trusting domain (Domain B.) What would be the minimum roles required on the SCCM server in Domain B?
  4. Wow I wish I had found this 3 moths ago. I did the same thing more or less with a workmate. NO WAY as all inclusive as this but handles about 85% of troubled systems we have out there. This would have cut out many hours of work, I hope more of you out there try this during the last dying days of 2007. What we built was to make sure clients were in good shape to receive SCCM 2012 client. I think this would have been a better solution!
  5. I remember how we did it in 2007 but it is not quite the same with 2012. I have a client that installed SCCM Primary on a 100Gb drive and now is having trouble with the drive filling up. Is there any way to move this?
  6. Many are saying copy steps to new TS to correct issue. Thats what I am trying but that really is lame if there is no explanation for such an issue.
  7. SCCM2007 Our XP and Win7 images both use this task in their respective task sequence and while the XP is successful the Win7 acts as though it has no access to the file on the DP. Anyone seen this issue before? Please let me know if I can provide any more information. Download of the content "COM023FE" - "5" has failed.. Possible cause: The content can not be found on the network, or the content could not be accessed.
  8. After using the PreLoadPkgOnSite shouldnt the site show up as installed? Everything completed properly but nothing has happened.
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