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  1. I need to automate this with Zero Touch. What application does WDS run when you boot off the boot.wim to display the list of images? It seems to automatically edit the boot.wim to add the menu when you import it. Ideally I want to run a command from PE to attach to a particular multicast stream and copy down an image. I don't want all the rest of the built in logic as I have a custom unattend.xml file and then run DISM to inject drivers on my images. After that is using bcdboot to copy the boot files to the system partition for use with UEFI booting. A best cast scenario would be to have DISM attach to a multicast stream while using the apply command. Then I don't have a "copying" step followed by an "applying" step, wasting time. I suppose I only want that because Ghost and Rdeploy multicast while applying. I wouldn't mind copying the multicast image to a recovery partition and then skip the image copy portion all together if the image.wim is the same upon imaging the next time. I have gotten WDSMCAST.exe to copy the image like I want, but then I get an install.wim and an Res.RWM file. Not only that, but I must copy all the data from the entire WIM (index 2) rather than just the smaller index 1 image. Supposedly imagex (now unsupported) can use a Res.WIM file with the /ref switch. But when I try that it tells me I don't have a catalog built into the WIM. Using windows system image manager to try and add a catalog to the original WIM file (before it was imported into WDS) it tells me that it cannot do so because "file not found" and says that I need version X even though I'm currently using version X of WSIM. Lastly, if you turn on the autocast option of "split the multicast streams into a fast/slow stream", WDSMCAST locks up about half way through. MDT does not seem have a zero touch option that allows me to multicast and push the imaging job using a remote command. I've found that I have much better control and less touching by having an HTA menu in Windows PE that images vs using the MDT scripts. UEFI included. SCCM probably works, but we don't have the manpower to implement that at this time nor is it clear when it uses multicast vs not. I don't want it to always use multicast because unicast copies the image in 1.2 minutes over gigabit vs 15 minutes over multicast, even if it's the only computer pulling from the stream.
  2. What variable name do you use for the <computername>%variable%</computername> section so that SCCM will replace it with the correct information?
  3. Disregard this post... I reverted to an older Hyper-V snapshot and accidentally installed the RTM version of System Center. I need details on how you are partitioning the hard drive. You have a note that says "Right click on your new task sequence, choose Edit, take note of the Partition Disk 0 – UEFI step, if it is not present, please review my Note above.". I have combed over this article at least three times looking for your note and I must have a visual block cause I don't see it. This is easy to do with diskpart but how do you make it do an EFI and MSR partition. Normally I'd expect them to be in the drop down list with Primary and Hidden. I've just done a fresh install of System Center 2012 with SP1 on a 2012 server using SQL 2012 with SP1.
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