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  1. Found the problem in my case. There was a difference in time, after my collegue fixed this on VMWare, the time was right again and after a reboot all of the components were online. Before i had a difference between the windows time which time was right and the time in the eventviewer was 1 hour forward (also in SCCM it was 1 hour later) The only problem now i keep having is that my MP says that there is 0kb which should be 150GB. (in the SIte status) No errors in the log files,
  2. Hello there, i am having this issue after every reboot. it might take a while but not hours. Also in the logs which i ofcourse checked before putting anything online is nothing to see at all. In my case all of the components have a availability of unknow and type also unknown
  3. Thanks Peter for your reply, i cannot find anything in log files. Do you have any tips to look at. Weird thing was this morning that everything was online. But after that i got MP failures, so i decided (because i installed cu1 before) that i wanted to do the installation fresh again without the CU1. I am still having the same issue but didn't finish configuring sccm totally yet, so i will let you know tomorrow
  4. hello all, i have a new sccm 2012r2 with sql2012 server 2012r2. However all the component statusses keep saying that the type and availability are unknown. I cannot trigger or find out what the problem is anyone seen this before?
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