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  1. It turns out it was the type of USB key being used. Sandisk Cruzer Blade 16GB did not work. Sandisk Ultra 3.0 16GB and Kingston Data Traveller worked fine with my task sequence.
  2. Hi Rhys, Did you get this working? Funnily enough I am getting the exact same issue but with Sandisk Cruzer Blade 16GB USB Sticks. I am in the middle of trying a different key and will see if it works.
  3. Thanks Garth. This is what I have but it tends to freeze. Is the collection part of the code correct? I am getting stuck here. Appreciate your help. SELECT distinct CS.name0 as 'Computer Name', CS.domain0 as 'Domain', CS.UserName0 as 'User', BIOS.SerialNumber0 as 'Bios serial', CS.Manufacturer0 as 'Manufacturer', CS.Model0 as 'model', OS.Caption0 as 'OS', RAM.TotalPhysicalMemory0 as 'Total Memory', sum(isnull(LDisk.Size0,'0')) as 'Hardrive Size', sum(isnull(LDisk.FreeSpace0,'0')) AS 'Free Space', CPU.CurrentClockSpeed0 as 'CPU Speed', v_collection.name as 'Collection Name' from v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM CS right join v_GS_PC_BIOS BIOS on BIOS.ResourceID = CS.ResourceID right join v_GS_OPERATING_SYSTEM OS on OS.ResourceID = CS.ResourceID right join V_GS_X86_PC_MEMORY RAM on RAM.ResourceID = CS.ResourceID right join v_GS_Logical_Disk LDisk on LDisk.ResourceID = CS.ResourceID right join v_GS_Processor CPU on CPU.ResourceID = CS.ResourceID right join v_GS_SYSTEM_ENCLOSURE SE on SE.ResourceID = CS.ResourceID , v_fullcollectionmembership join v_collection on v_collection.collectionid = v_FullCollectionMembership.collectionid join v_r_system sys on sys.resourceid = v_fullcollectionmembership.resourceid where RAM.TotalPhysicalMemory0 < 2097152 group by CS.Name0, CS.domain0, CS.Username0, BIOS.SerialNumber0, SE.SerialNumber0, CS.Manufacturer0, CS.Model0, OS.Caption0, RAM.TotalPhysicalMemory0, CPU.CurrentClockSpeed0, v_collection.name
  4. Hello, I have a question on what some of the shares are that SCCM 2012 creates on Distribution Points. I understand that SCCM 2012 has changed it to use the Content Library, but what is the "SMSPKGC$" share used for? I gather that SMSSIG$ is used for package signatures, and SMS_DP$ is used for logs. I just can't find any info on what SMSPKGC$ is for SCCM 2012 if the Content Library is now being used. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Garth. I have got everything sorted besides the Collection row. I am not sure which tables to pull the collection info from to list which Collection each computer is a member of.
  6. Hi Garth, I am unable to attach a spreadsheet. This is how I would like the report to look with the results of computers with memory under 1gb and CPU under 1ghz. I would like headings up at the top like: Collection Name: Computer Name: Manufacturer: Model: Username: IP Address:
  7. Thanks Garth. I am trying to get a table which lists computers from different collections with less than 1GB memory and 1GHZ processor. I am trying to get an output to display the collections listing the machines with computer name, brand, model, user name.
  8. Hello, I am new to SQL and I would like to run a report for machines which have CPU under 1ghz and memory under 2gb.I have got an existing report I want to edit. I would like to add the machine name, IP address, computer brand and model and user ID for the Bad Devices. I have attached my text file with my code. Thanks for the help. query.txt
  9. I have a question I can't get my head around. If I make a wim file of a machine and use sysprep oobe and generalize and an unattended file with the region options set in the specialize pass, the region options default back to en-us when I am logged in as a domain user. However if I add the region options to a seperate unattended file in the oobe pass and select that in the OS deploy task sequence, it saves my language options (English Australian) in any domain user. Any reason why I have to do that?
  10. Hi all, I work in a school and I have set up SCCM 2012 to manage about 1000 computers. I am wondering what the best practice would be to manage Windows updates? If I set up the Software Update Point on SCCM, I noticed the SCCM client changes the update source on the computers to the WSUS server. Now when the students are on holidays and they are at home and not in our school network, does that mean they will not receive updates? Is there a way to configure the clients to download Windows Updates from Microsoft if the SUP cannot be reached or would it be better to configure group policy for the clients to download updates from Windows Update instead of using SCCM? Thanks, Nick
  11. Hi guys, Just have a question when upgrading from SCCM 2007 to 2012. If the computers already have mandatory software advertisements from SCCM 2007 installed, and I create the deployments in 2012 as mandatory, will each deployment re-run on the computers even though the software is already installed from SCCM 2007? Or does SCCM 2012 client somehow know which advertisements have been successfully installed from 2007 SCCM client and skips them? Thanks.
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