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  1. Hi. Are the installation steps same for SCCM 2007 without any SP. I'm not able to find SCCM 2007 with SP1. If not are the installation steps same for SCCM 2007 Sp2. I just managed to get a iso of sccm 2007 sp2. Please advice. Thanks in advance.
  2. Niall, i have a question. Is it possible to install sccm 07 on a 2003 dc? If yes, i'll learn sccm 07 instead of a disconnected product.
  3. Hi Anyweb. Im not able to find the iso of SMS on the msdn site. Can you help me with any other alternate link?
  4. Hi RocketMan, Yes, as i said, the dc is pointing to itself in its DNS settings as The secondary is not defined as there is no secondary DNS.
  5. Anyweb? Do you have any advice/solution to the above issue? I have the same issue with my 08 enterprise.
  6. Yes, VLC is a good alternative to media solutions.
  7. Hi Anyweb, Are the above links still open after 3 years? Cheers, Alan.
  8. My old account 'AlanJebakumar' has crashed & this new ID is created.

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