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  1. Surprisingly it is working now, i din't do anything regarding the client installation after installing the CM12-SP1CU2-KB2854009-X64-ENU update, even i checked the client version on the machine after the TS has finished and it says 5.00.7804.1000, which is not the CU2 update, what i actually did was adding a new boundary, i had a boundary of an active directory site, i added one of an IP subnet, after that it is all working http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/df8a8377-3950-43e9-acbe-2d3cccf0b48d/osd-ts-exits-right-after-setup-windows-and-configuration-manager
  2. Tried what Rocket man suggested, same result, the application installation step in the OSD TS doesn't start!
  3. I have also noticed that there is a folder of name "_SMSTaskSequence" of gigabytes in size on C:\ drive after i login to the computer, i think that file is supposed to be deleted somewhere after the TS is done, am i right?
  4. Hello Rocket Man, Thanks for your reply. What simply happens is, when the driver gets applied, i get the status of the next step which is "Setup Windows and Configuration Manager", and immediately the system gives me the restart message, after that the windows 7 starts preparing the driver and first time use, right after that it takes me to the sccm TS screen again under windows and starts installing the client in the same previous step "Setup Windows and Configuration Manager", once that loads successfully I get the windows login screen, i login to find the machine joined perfectly to the domain, all drivers installed properly, expect for no office installed, since it doesn't even reach to install office step in the OSD TS. I haven't tried without the SMSMP and DNSSUFFIX properties, but I will and update the thread. The network driver is the latest driver. I will try to run that OSD TS on a VM machine and see how it goes. My office gets deployed wither or not user is logged in.
  5. I did already, and I can see it on my Software Center, installed perfectly in a hidden mode.
  6. Hello Jim, Are you specifying a certain OU that the machine object will be created in? is the user you are using have permission to create machines in that specific OU?
  7. Dear Experts, I have created a task sequence on SCCM 2012 SP1 that deploys windows 7 image that I have captured myself, install drivers, join the machine to the domain, then install the client and after that to install MS office 2010. What happens is that the TS runs, finises, show the restart message, after restart, windows is loaded and the TS resumes to install the SCCM client, right after installing the client no messages appears, only the login screen for the windows 7, all drivers are installed perfectly and the machine is joined to the domain, expect for that there is no office installed, obviously since i didn't even get the status of installing it in the TS. Found somewhere that I need to install the KB2801987, I did install it and i got the package in my server packages, but I don't really know what I should do after that. Could you please advise. Thanks in advanced.
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