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  1. sccm_2102.doc Hello, I have a question regarding the best practices when creating and distributing application content to your DP. Is it better to select the default option "Manually copy the content in this package to the distribution point" or is it better practice to select "Automatically download content when packages are assigned to distribution points" as well as check the box for "Distribute the content for this package to preferred distribution points"? Please see attached pic. Thanks, Paul
  2. Thanks for the reply's. One of the problems I discovered was due to the fact that there were no Boundary Groups defined under the Site Hierarchy. Once this was put into place by the domain administrator of my domain then all my advertisements started working. Essentially what I've been trying to test is we have another SCCM 2012 Site Server set up on one domain. However, the site admin decided to do a SP1 upgrade to this back in the early part of this year when the SP1 was released. Since that SP1 update it broke several capabilities our SCCM 2012 Config Mgr was once capable of doing
  3. I have a somewhat similar problem to this one. Except mine is giving an error code 0x87D00244 (-2016411068). I'm getting this when I advertise an application deployment to my target machine and I go into my Software Center on my target machine. Any ideas???
  4. GPO.xls Hello, I wanted to see if anyone could help me out with a couple problems we’re facing with using SCCM to deploy out critical OS settings and Applications/Packages setting’s such as; setting our home-page correctly in Google Chrome and killing Welcome Screen, Turn off default browser prompt and deleting desktop icon just to name a few. The attached spreadsheet indicates all of our OS and Applications/Packages setting’s we’re currently having to do through GPO. As you well know, using GPO’s is probably not the best way to accomplish this. However, after SP1 was installed it b
  5. Hello All, I'm using SCCM 2012 SP1 and I created a package for my Master Preference file to install after my Google Chrome installation runs first. This MP file is supposed to set all my GP flags for me so that my Chrome install comes out looking like I need it to. The Chrome part of the package installs just fine. Just the MP file and my install.cmd file fail and I get the above error code. When I open up CMTrace Log Tool to have a look see I don't see any smts.log files in my C:\Windows\CCM\Logs directory. Any help would be kindly appreciated. Thanks, Paul MP_Install.rtf
  6. Hello All, I'm not sure if someone has already started a discussion thread for this topic already. In my task sequence, any application that i add fails to install. When I run my apps inside of my OSD I never do get any error code. My co-worker who is also trying this said he received an error code of 1603 "Fatal error during installation." That was for Quick Time which when deployed by itself installs just fine. Also, all my other apps when deploying them outside of an OSD task sequence the applications install with no problems. Here are two smsts.log files from a co-worker's ma
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