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  1. Environment. Server 2012 running SCCM 2012 R2 (upgraded from SP1), PXE booting a Task Sequence that originally pushed out Windows 8 but has since been copied and changed to install 8.1, All client machines run 64bit and work well "except" for the Lenovo Carbon X1 UEFI boot machine. (This machine did successfully PXE install an image after adding the USB to Ethernet adapter driver to the boot image but has since stopped working). We have one site server with itself as the DP. The machine will PXE and then fail at a random point after that, always with 80070002 error code and always before the Apply OS Image step. I have tried a copy, and a new, Task Sequence but as soon as I deploy it, PXE stops working for all models. Delete the newly created TS and PXE starts working again. I have tried creating a new Windows image file, creating a new boot image, using a 32bit boot image instead of 64bit (Instructor at TechEd 2014 said that UEFI must use 32 bit boot image although with Win8 we were able to PXE install to these machines with the 64 bit boot image). We still have the original Windows8 Task Sequence and files but even when using it for the X1, I get the same error but all other models complete. Since this same TS worked previously with the X1, I am unsure what might have changed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. This may help some people. In my case, it was an issue with a USB to Ethernet dongle. We purchased Lenovo Carbon X1's for our employees and it is a very thin laptop with no built in ethernet port. The supplied Lenovo USB 2.0 to 10/100 Ethernet adapter would download the image from the SCCM server at about 1G every 90-100 seconds. This was apparently too slow. Even though we brought up a command prompt and did a constant ping and it never dropped a packet, at some random percentage it would just stop downloading and say it lost connection. Even though it never actually did. We tried the new drivers another website recommends for the dongle straight from the dongle manufacturer but to no avail. We then bought a USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet adapter(not available from Lenovo), loaded the files into the base image, had SCCM build a bootable USB media. Plug in the USB, plug in the (non working yet) USB 3.0 adapter, boot from the USB, let it load the drivers and you could see the link light come on and then WinPE took over from there and ran successfully every time. It now downloads the image at 1G every 17-18 seconds.
  3. BUMP! I am having the same issue as listed above. SCCM 2012, SVR2012. All machines work fine except for one model (which was working last week). They are all the same brand laptop but the model with the issue does happen to use UEFI(I don't think that should matter but...) Now, for some reason, this one model will get to anywhere from 5% to 85% downloaded and then fail. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. A friend recommended this site and I can see why. Lots of info here. Thanks for that. I have an issue I am trying to figure out. I am trying to deploy an aplication that has a setup.exe that triggers two msi files in succession. One a prerequisite language pack and then the client software. The client will install on its own but will not run without the Language pack already installed. The problem I am running into is the setup.exe and the prereq msi file are in the same folder. If I try and point to that folder, it tells me it isn't a valid folder. (It appears to be getting confused since there is an exe and a msi file in the same place) If I move the setup.exe into another location, it starts but then can't find the prereq msi file. Is there a way for this to trigger from one App Deployment or will I have to create two seperate ones with a dependency on the Language file? Thank you. UPDATE: I figured out what I was doing wrong. Faulty Operator Valve.
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