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  1. I also just did a system query to look for dupliacte GUIDs. as that was suggested someplace, but that did not pan out. The PC in question here (imc124-pc-17) does not have a GUID that conflicts with any other devices.
  2. I just tried that on two of the machines. It did not change any of the symptoms I'm seeing.
  3. The task sequence is listed in the deployments tab of the Device Collection as "required". So, I believe it is advertised. Also, I have delete and recreated both the computer and the device collection. This is happening on all of my computers currently.
  4. It is in a collection, I believe the task sequence is advertised to it, but to be 100% honest, I do not know how to check if a task sequence is advertised, or how to advertise one.
  5. We have and SCCM 2012 SP1 server. We've been deploying task sequences okay for a few months now. However, just this week when I attempt to deploy task sequences to do OS deployments I am having a problem. The PC will PXE boot, finish configuring network and restart. When I look in the SMSTS.log file I see the error: There are no task sequences available to this computer. I've tried a number of different task sequences on a number of different computers. I've checked the cert, deleted and re-added the computers, deleted and recreated collections, I've rebooted my SCCM server, none of this resolved the issue. I'm not sure what the problem is. I've attached my SMSTS log. I'd appriciate any help. smsts.log
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