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  1. Update: I stumbled across this in googling http://britv8.com/powershell-sccm-message-status-error-10025-find-windows-updates-content-that-client-cannot-download/
  2. OK so I found this by poking around WMI Get- Get-WmiObject -Namespace root\sms\site_$SiteCode -ComputerName $SiteServer -class SMS_content -filter "ContentUniqueID = '666e73df-99fa-4ceb-8f87-c428cf173384' " So I can get back a content ID and a Security Key that looks like a package
  3. SCCM Status Message 10025 tells me a computer has a problem: Download of the content "666e73df-99fa-4ceb-8f87-c428cf173384" - "1" has failed.. Possible cause: The content can not be found on the network, or the content could not be accessed. Package ID : 666e73df-99fa-4ceb-8f87-c428cf173384 Client SMS Unique ID : GUID:B2C5EE67-9B68-4539-AF4B-DF9D6B6DE90A If I have a look at the updates store log on the specific computer having a problem , I can now see what the update is that is failing: Queried Update (666e73df-99fa-4ceb-8f87-c428cf173384): Status=Missing, Title=Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2952664), BulletinID=, QNumbers=2952664, LocaleID=, ProductID=cd5ffd1e-e932-4e3a-bf74-18bf0b1bbd83, UpdateClassification = cd5ffd1e-e932-4e3a-bf74-18bf0b1bbd83, ExcludeForStateReporting=FALSE. My question is , how in powershell can I use the SCCM Cmdlets or WIM queries to the Primary server ( I have one site only and DPs) to translate "666e73df-99fa-4ceb-8f87-c428cf173384" through to the Product ID "cd5ffd1e-e932-4e3a-bf74-18bf0b1bbd83" or Title "Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2952664)" or something similar. I wish to avoid any SQL queries if possible
  4. I have an inherited environment and just trying to understand the PXE process Currently I: In SCCM Add computer manually in SCCM Add computer to collection to boot and reimage computer with XP image Go to computer, reboot and press f12 to PXE boot and f12 to start imaging The imaging actually goes to a MDT image screen (to select the image from MDT to use) My assumption ....is: The PXE server checks to see if there is a SCCM advertisement for the computers MAC address, if there isn't it passes it on to MDT to give the computer an image. A few hours later if you boot the PC and f12 the SCCM image is sucessfully loaded. I am assuming that it takes a few hours for "all" of SCCM to know it exisits? Is this "normal" behaviour for MDT to be the fallback image option? cheers Lesta
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