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  1. I used offline image servicing to update one of our Windows 7 images for O/S deployment. Unfortunately I had it install an update that broke the image and I had to restore it from the backup image the Schedule Updates wizard creates. The issue is that now the update status still shows all the updates it installed and I can't try them again with the wizard. Is there a way to clear that status in order to try the updates again? Thanks in advance!
  2. Quick question about reboots. If a deployment is set to force a reboot (or if MSI returns a code to reboot the machine), is there a way to get the agent to suppress the reboot and then warn the user about the reboot the way a Update Deployment would? I want to prevent the sudden reboot behavior some apps cause when the users manually install them from software center.
  3. I too had the issue where the reports worked directly on my SCCM server but not from a remote console. I was able to correct this issue by examining the SmsAdminUI.log. I noticed that every time i tried to open the Reports tool it logged: [6, PID:4576][08/02/2013 17:05:14] :[ORLSCCM01.zerochaos.local] : The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. So what I did was open the SSRS Report Server page from my SQL 2012 Server and export the self-signed certificate it used to secure the Reporting Server page. I then imported it into my PC's Trusted Root Certification Authorities and it worked correctly after that. To correct the issue I would recommend that you install a certificate in the SSRS Config Console that your workstations already trust, like from an internal CA.
  4. I am new to SCCM and have built a test lab to learn the product. So far everything has been good, but I am running into an issue where my clients are not respecting the defined maintenance window. As far as I can tell, the device is not a member of any other collections with additional windows defined. The deployment is not configured to allow installations outside the window after the deadline is reached, so I am not sure what is allowing the clients to pull the updates outside the window. Some advice would be greatly appreciated!
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