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  1. Logs that helped me solve this issue: sender.log Despoolr.log Regards Johnny
  2. Hi, Recently i came across a issue, where secondary site was not communicating with Primary: Situation: The Pending Status persists There is no site status available There are multiple errors related to component installation which is not happening Sitecomp.log does not give an errors Many services are missing like SMS_Executive Solution: I found out the issue was Pub key was not getting exchanged between secondary and primary. Once i solved this issue. The secondary site was up and running. Regards, Johnny
  3. You are right, I now see KB2621440 (WinXP/WS2003) and KB2667402 (Win7/WS2008R2) under approve updates. Now i have question, How to deploy these approved updates to my client machines ? I need step by step so that i make no mistakes For now i have: 1. One Group with 9 machines 2. These updates are showing up under approved updates I need to push this updates to client machines by NOT using GPO, i do not want the machines to reboot after installation but i want to schedule them for reboot on a particular date. Regards Govardhan
  4. Hi I have a WSUS server with NO internet connection. I need to deploy KB2671387 to few of my client machines. I have downloaded the .msu file of KB2671387 to my local machine. How can i deploy this .msu file of KB2671387 to few of my client machines using WSUS ? I cannot use "import update" as there is no internet connection. I need to use WSUS to deploy this patch. Can this be done with manually deploy. It would be great if you can share step-by-step procedure. Regards, Govardhan
  5. Can the below be used with any hotfix like 2750782 ? Net stop wuauserv rd /s %windir%\softwaredistribution\ Net start wuauserv Chances are that you haven't got too many Windows 8 or Server 2012 clients deployed yet in production, but if you have then this seems like something to get scripted, packaged and deployed via Configuration Manager... oh wait, you'd need System Center SP1 for that to be supported in production. G. Govardhan
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