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Govardhan Govinda

WSUS | How can i deploy KB2671387 .msu file using WSUS

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I have a WSUS server with NO internet connection.

I need to deploy KB2671387 to few of my client machines.

I have downloaded the .msu file of KB2671387 to my local machine. How can i deploy this .msu file of KB2671387 to few of my client machines using WSUS ?

I cannot use "import update" as there is no internet connection. I need to use WSUS to deploy this patch. Can this be done with manually deploy.

It would be great if you can share step-by-step procedure.



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You cannot deploy MSU files with WSUS. Period.


That's by design. MSU files are typically associated with hotfixes, which are not intended for mass distribution, thus the lack of support for using WSUS in that fashion.


This particular update, however, has been discussed previously with regard to this need. KB2671387 is an informational article about MS12-020, so I'm a bit confused at the statement that you've obtained an MSU associated with KB2671387.


The actual patches are found in KB2621440 (WinXP/WS2003) and KB2667402 (Win7/WS2008R2) and are already available for deployment using WSUS presuming they were synchronized to your export server and imported with all the rest of the regular updates.


As for a scenario where you need to deploy the contents of an MSU with WSUS, this SourceForge article describes how to do it with the free Local Updates Publisher.

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You are right,


I now see KB2621440 (WinXP/WS2003) and KB2667402 (Win7/WS2008R2) under approve updates.


Now i have question, How to deploy these approved updates to my client machines ? I need step by step so that i make no mistakes


For now i have:

1. One Group with 9 machines

2. These updates are showing up under approved updates


I need to push this updates to client machines by NOT using GPO, i do not want the machines to reboot after installation but i want to schedule them for reboot on a particular date.




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