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  1. Hi, We run SCCM 2007 R3 in native mode (Software Update Point and WSUS both reside on SCCM site server). We're having issues running Software Updates Synchronization which have previously worked fine. In SMS_WSUS_Control_Manager the errors appear as follows MessageID:6703 SMS WSUS Synchronization failed. Message: WSUS server not configured. Source: CWSyncMgr::DoSync. The operating system reported error 2147500037: Unspecified error I've followed the suggested fixes in http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb735874.aspx but still we have an issue. If I open the WSUS consol
  2. Hi, we're looking at deploying windows / office updates to our Windows 7 machines via SCCM 2007 R3. We have both x64 and x86 machines in our environment. Most of the x64 machines are remote users and x86 machines are LAN connected in Head Office. Question is would you be better off patching these as seperate entities ie having deployment packages for x86 and x64 or have one set of packages that deploys to both machine types? We're trying to avoid making the packages we push out over VPN to the remote users larger than needed as they're cached locally from DP prior to installation. Any
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