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  1. Hello, I'm currently using a wsus server on my domain. It is used with SCCM 2012 R2 (as per the sccm 2012 installation documentation to use SCCM to deploy updates). On a machine running Windows 10 enterprise, I'm trying to get some language pack installed. Problem is, it's checking the WSUS server and it's saying that no language pack are available. I launch the admin console and downloaded all language pack and deployed them as available to my workstation. Still no language pack available. I got the same problem if I try to add a feature, it want to download something from Microso
  2. Well, for anyone reading this, don't do what I said! Doing that apply the GPO to everyone... It seems authenticated users is also the computer itself.... So, back to square one...
  3. Ok, I got it! PRoblem is, the user that log on the computer also need to have apply right in the security filtering. I added authenticated users (since this gpo isn'T applied to any users, I don't need to filter it) and now it work.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to set a GPO to disable the screensaver for all user on specific computer. My AD is configured liked that: Root + - Computers (OU) + - - GPO_Computer - Windows + + - Users (OU) + - - GPO_Users - Windows All my users reside into the users OU, same for computers with the computers OU. Inside my "GPO_Users - Windows", I got these settings: User configuration + Administrative templates + - Control panel \ Personalisation Strategy Activate Screensaver - Active Timeout: 610 sec Force specific screensaver: scrsave.scr rRotect screemsaver with password: Activ
  5. Hello, I have a little bug right now that's pestering my user. Everyday, they get a popup saying a new software is available. Thing is, yes, in the software center, there is a software available, but why does it notify user everyday about it (and every logging)? I notice something. Let's say a user goes to the software catalog and install a software from there. Then, later, he decide to uninstall it from the software center. For an unknown reason, the software will be in the software center forever, annoying the user with notification about new software available. Is there a way to cle
  6. Hello, I'm having an issue with some computer. These computer have maintenance windows. When looking with Client Center for Configuration Manager, I see my maintenance window. Also, in the servicewindowmanager.log, I see my maintenance window for all deployment. The window is 8h00pm to 5h00am, everyday. I have users calling saying they had to restart there computer in the middle of the day because of updates. When looking at updateshandler.log and wuahandler.log, I clearly see that the update have scanned at 8h34 this morning, installed at 8h45 and rebooted at 9h13. I've checked th
  7. Hello everyone, I'm having a weird issue. On a specific computer, running Windows XP SP3 and SCCM 2012 R2 CU1, when there's a pop-up from software center for software updates and the user click on it, all screens turn blank and you have to reset the computer or kill the session using remote desktop. I've tried update graphic cards, Windows Update, SCCM Update, bios update, nothing work. Does anyone have an idea? Thank you
  8. hmmm, but that computer as quite enough memory (Specially for a 100 mb file). Disabling Intel MEI allow the task to succesfully run and install the remaining software/drivers. From what I've read, it means "file not found" but if I send the same package through the software center, it installed without any problem
  9. Hello everyone, I'm having a hard time with a package in a task sequence. Here's what's happening: I run the task sequence without the package, everything work but when I activate it, it downloads it, then run it but failed. If I try to run it manually, everything run fine. I tried recreating the package from scratch, didn't work. The package I'm trying to install is Intel Management Engine 9.5.24. I've attached my smsts.log file, what we can see is that: Thanks smsts.log
  10. well, we didn't migrate the old collection, we just made a new SCCM server and installed the new agent on them. New structure, new database....
  11. Ok, I just tested with the maintenance window by removing the computer from a collection and it did lost the maintenance. What I think is happening is that it came from SCCM 2007 maintenance window that were migrated to 2012, a bit like this guy: http://blog.tyang.org/2011/08/16/orphaned-maintenance-windows-for-sccm-clients/ I'm currently investigating to see if there's other computer in that boat. Still, I'm still struggling to understand why the other computer (previous post) have installed updates at 6 am this morning.
  12. Well, microsoft said on technet that it is by design in 2007: http://blogs.technet.com/b/configurationmgr/archive/2011/09/26/removing-computers-from-a-collection-in-system-center-configuration-manager-2007-may-cause-an-unexpected-reboot.aspx Near the middle I'm having another headache relating to that (but not with ghost service window) I have a computer with 12 service windows in servicewindowmanager.log. Service Window with ID = 7cb56688-692f-4fae-b398-0e3ff4413adb having Starttime=2038-01-01 00:00:00 ServiceWindowManager 2014-05-14 05:28:47 1380 (0x0564)
  13. Hello everyone, I found a bug with the maintenance windows and reading on the web, it seems it existed in SCCM 07 (MS says it was by design) and now, it's has flooded my company. Here's the deal: Let's say you have a computer named ABC. It's a new computer, you deploy it via task sequence and it get into the "all system" collection. You then create a new collection, let's call it "MW-A". You then add ABC to MW-A. Then, you add a maintenance windows to MW-A, let's say monday 2:00-3:00 am. The computer get the MW (showned in policyspy and servicewindowmanagement.log). Here, everythin
  14. Hello everyone, I have a query that I'm unable to make. Here's the situation. I have a collection which contain x number of computer (let's say 200). I want a query that return the top x computer from the list (let's say 33% of it or top 50 computers) and put them into a collection. The idea is to have a way to distribute update to specific computers based on there name order (like serial number), but I want it to be dynamic and always have the same ratio (33% or a top 50, something like that). In SQL, I would use "select top (33) PERCENT", but I can't find the equivalent in WQL.
  15. Hello, I have SCCM 2012 R2 installed. Everything work great except the SCCM remote tools doesn't work. I can use microsoft remote desktop without any problem, I can use windows remote assistance without any problem, but not the sccm remote tools. I don't have any firewall on either workstation. I have configured SCCM client as per the doc on this forum. It used to work when I was on SCCM 2012 but when I upgraded to SCCM 2012 R2, it doesn't work anymore. I have a gpo enabling windows remote assistance and rdp, with a gpp adding some user in it (same as sccm client). Any clue wha
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