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  1. Hello I'm looking for a way to find a Software on all Clients. For example i have to know on which clients the Software xy installed is. how can i do that? many thanks for your help
  2. Good morning we are using around 250 clients with office 2013 Professional Plus and now i would like to deploy the SP1 via SCCM 2012. I tried: Create Collection (SP1_for_Office_2013ProPlus) Created an deployment on the Service Pack that i downloaded first added test Clients to the Collection My Problems: 1. if the User is not logged in or the Office is open, the installation fails. Do you have a better way to install the Service Pack 2. i cannot find a nice report where i see which Clients are installed and which have still an old version on. - i made a query where i check the clients of the Version "equal to 15.0.4551.1509" how get i the different. All Clients without this Version. in my case i have around 20 different versions of Office 2013 Pro Plus if i search for all Office 2013 Pro Plus. If i set the Query to not like This version i get 2000 Clients listed and unfortunately i cannot export the result to an excel where i can set an filter. I really get comfused :-/ Short what i want: - the best way to deploy sp1 to office (best practice) - Get an report where i have all clients they need SP1 and an Report where all successfuly installed Clients. Thanks a lot for your Help
  3. Hello Peter Thanks for your Feedback. we have different VLANs and in each are one DHCP. The IP Helpers are configured allready. but what have i to do on the DHCP? Do i have to set up an option in each dhcp?
  4. Hello Before we used Landesk as our Deployment Server and from now we are using SCCM 2012 R2. We have different Subnets and in all this Subnets we have an PXE Server (Workstation or Server) on the SCCM Server i Setting up everything for PXE but now im not sure how to change the PXE Settings to the SCCM Server Do i have to configure something in the DHCP Settings? or somethin in the Registry? DNS? Many thanks for your help. Sascha
  5. Hello We are using sccm 2012 R2. If i want to Assistance a user i have 3 options to do that. - Remote Control - Remote Assistance - Remote Desktop but if the user is not logged in or i have to log off and login again for example with an Domain Admin i'm getting disconnected. do you know an other tool in SCCM or a way to control a workstation if nobody is logged in? many thanks for your help.
  6. Hello Yes, the command is in an Batch File. The Batch and the CScript.exe is in the same directory many thanks.
  7. Hello I try do deploy an Application during the Tasksequence but it fails becaus it can't set the Permission with xCACLS.vbs. But when i run the Script if im loged in to the installed Windows Machine it works fine. But not during the Task Sequence. This is the Command Line: Cscript.exe "%~dp0XCACLS.vbs" "%programfiles%\star" /E /T /G BUILTIN\USERS:m /I copy /Q do you know why it fails or is there an other way to set the Permissions? Many thanks for your help
  8. Hello I'm finaly configured SCCM 2012 R2 in our Network. Now i would like to see the Loginname and the full Name of the users in the SCCM Admin Console. I saw the different Reports, but i didnt found a useful methode. Because we work a lot with the Computernames and the User name i'm looking for a easy and confortable way to display this. How do you solve this in your Company? Hopefuly somebody can give me an Answer :-9 Many thanks, Sascha
  9. Hello i'm new in SCCM and we installed the SCCM and EP in our envirement. at this time we have only the IT Clients managed with them. (Just for test) The problem is, that some Clients are up to date and some are not. When i try to update the failed Clients manualy i get the following error Failed to Update Virus and Sypwaredefinition A lot of blablabla and the error code: 0x80240022 And i found the following Error: SMS_Rule_ENGINE Error: 8706 Message: Failed to download one or more content files. from this 15 clients are 5 with this problem. the other ones are fine. How can i fix this? where can i find some logs? in the Error Log "C:\Windows\SCCM\Logs\EndpointProtectionAgent.log everything is fine... many thanks for your help
  10. Hello Phil Many thanks for your Help I made the Sctipt install Application and the Detection Methode. But now im not sure what i have to do with this autologon thing :-) is ist Possible to put this Script Install and the autologon in my task sequence? Sascha
  11. ok, i'm nearly there :-D i have mounted the image but im not sure what i have to copy in there now that i get a new boot Image in SCCM in the mounted Folder are this folders and some subfolders :-/ Program Files ProgramData Users Windows This is what i did until now: This is what i did... 1.copype.cmd x86 c:\winpe_x86 2.copy c:\winpe_x86\winpe.wim c:\winpe_x86\ISO\sources\boot.wim 3.Dism /Mount-Wim /WimFile:C:\winpe_x86\ISO\sources\boot.wim /index:1 /MountDir:C:\winpe_x86\mount on the Technet i saw that i have to integrate the boot files to the sccm... but... what and where? somebody know what i have to do it now? sorry for this stupid questions :-D Thanks
  12. Thank you for this link. I made the first steps but at the last 3 steps i have no idea what i have to do. Extract boot.wim from ..\sources\ Folder and copy to SCCM DP-Share (is it this boot.wim from the SCCM Source CD?) Integrate boot files from share into SCCM (when i extract the Boot.wim from the CD, which Files should i copy and to where?) Check boot packages properties and enable "Distribute on PXE DP" on "source" Tab.
  13. Hello Many thanks for your replay. if i understand it right than i just have to remove the Distribution Point and add it again and then i get the boot images back? right? Sascha
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