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  1. Specs MS Server 2016 Std GUI Clients Win7 Ent x64 DPM 2016 Std hi All, we have just implemented DPM 2016 to replace our flaky 2012r2 server. As usual with DPM, there is a large optical at every installation point that means you have to go and get a patch file from somewhere or you have to follow an online guide for a part that Microsoft omit to mention in their installation notes. but finally the install is complete. The last part of the install is to enable end user recovery so link the volume shadow service to the users pc's. I have followed every guide i can find and they're all just about the same. Extend the schema (running the tool to the DC) enable end user recovery in the DPM Console Run a synchronisation to apply the changes. All of the above have been done and i cannot get the shadow copies to appear (but recovery points are still appearing on the server). Any help would be appreciated Thanks Matt
  2. hi, hope someone can shed some light on this topic for me. We have just had a power loss to our server cab. In it contains 4 hypervisors and 2 san disk shelves. Our SCVMM server is virtual. When we restored power to the cab we were hoping the vm's would all start by them selves as specified in vmm "power on after failure". We were gobsmacked to find that no vm's started, and more they weren't even listed in hyper v. it was like they'd never been there. We had to go through all the vm's one by one and re import into hyper v. All our hypervisors are listed in the cluster. The SASN is a a Dell ps6100 and 4100. ANy ideas would be appreciated Thanks Guys
  3. hi all, We are deploying our yearly OS refresh to our network via sccm (2012r2). We have decided to deploy applications in the TS rather than in the Image it's self. For some reason applications seem to be hit and miss deploying. in a room full of 30 identical computers, about 6 got applications. the rest just had the Image. Re running the TS had the same result but on different computers. Tried: Allowing anonymous authentication Removing apps one by one (but could not get a consistent deploy) Restarts in between each application Checked boundary's to make sure we have no rogues. (we only have one) We are pulling our hair out, can anyone help please Matt
  4. hi guys, thanks for the wonderful guide to setting up sccm 2012. Just got a question. when we image computers, we can only do 2 at any one time. the moment you set another going it will instantly fail the first. we have also tried using the MDT on that server and it has the same effect. am i missing something simple?
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