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  1. I am sorry, but I dont know what step I need to do
  2. When I tried to enter Distribution Point FQDN I get this "Object reference not set to an instance for an object"
  3. Hello, i there a way to create a new sccm 2012 sp1 client installation (ccmsetup.exe)? My buddy have delete the original one, and now i dont have folder Client in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager". Thx, Kruno
  4. Hello, does anyone know have to get display name of person who approved service request in Orchestrator 2012? I need this in mail notification after open new domain account. Thank you, Kruno
  5. Hello, I am new in System Center and I am creating workflow for my HR department to automate open and close new domain acc. I stuck at notification about approving new accounts. HR department gets a email, but I cant put in email information like first name, last name... Everything that manager put in. I have do this: 1. in my Service Request Template, under "Activities" tab, I add Review Activity for approving. This is before Runbook Activity template. 2. in Administration, under Workflows -> Configuration -> Activity Event Workflow Configuration -> Review Activity, I set criteria 3. under notification -> template I create new email template with next infromatio: - ID -> $Context/Property[Type=WorkItem!System.WorkItem]/Id$ - Date & Time -> $Context/Property[Type=WorkItem!System.WorkItem]/CreatedDate$ - Link -> https://domain.tld:444/smportal/SitePages/My%20Activities.aspx?ActivityId=$Context/Property[Type=WorkItem!System.WorkItem]/Id$" target="_blank In this mail I would like to add and other information from Runbook, and I dont know how... Can someone help me? How to get information from Runbook using Review Activity? I hope that you understand me and I am sorry for terrible english. Thx, Kruno
  6. thx everyone. i manage to block portable apps using "In GPO: Software Restriction Policies"
  7. this only for enterpise and ultimate version client we have professional
  8. thank you. i will try it.
  9. Hello, firstly I want to apologize if I put a post in the wrong group. I need to block portable applications in my domain. What is the best way to block? Is there a part of SystemCenter that can help me to block portable applications in my domain? Thanks everyone, Kruno
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