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  1. Hey Peter, Thx for the reply. Is there any way that I can also remove them from the reporting? I checked some other software advertisements and found that they the same mistake some months ago. The advertisement was removed and the software wasn't installed but if you run the report the advertisement is still pending.
  2. Hi everyone, I have got a question on how to cancel a software distribution to a collection. Let me specify. We have 2 collections, servers and workstations. On the root of the workstation collection there are several software packages advertised to run on the collection and on all sub-collections. As soon as you add machines to the workstation collection or any sub-collection, the packages get advertised. Now someone wrongly created a sub-collection in workstations with servers in it. All the packages advertised to the workstations collection have been pushed to the servers. Luckly we us maintenance windows on the servers and the error was noticed and the servers were removed from the collection. But when I run the report "Status of a specific advertisement" I can see that the servers are still in the waiting status. More specific, waiting for service window. And, this service window is next weekend. My question now is will the software still be installed on the servers even as they are removed from the wrong collection? Can I cancel the advertisement on the servers? It only show in the reporting that there are advertisements pending. I can't find anything about the advertisements using the sccm client center app. Thank you in advanced. Grtz, Geert
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