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  1. When the application starts it evaluates the detection (presence) of your dependency apps. Maybe you need to add an extra detection method on your dependency app to skip installation of the new C++ when a certain version is found OR create in your installation program an uninstall first of the previous version.
  2. Hi, We have this behavior when upgrading the Config Manager client and i'm just curious if someone recognizes it and dealt with it before. This is what happens; After a Client upgrade of the Config Manager client to 1910 some desktops fall into sleep mode, they shouldn't because their powersettings are set with Collection based power scheme. If you reboot the device everthing works again. With the upgrade to 1810 i noticed something similiar, client temporary unaware of settings, with surpressed reboots for workstations on the Deployment of Software Updates. These devices had pending reboots and rebooted directly after the upgrade of the client. It was not supressed at that time. The upgrade of the client is done via the build in Pre-production Client Deployment collection. I'm now thinking of another approach next time. Create a custom deployment of the CCM client with triggered communication between client and server. But you'd expect this as something default... Is there a way to prevent this?
  3. Maybe userprofile related. I once had a problem of empty reports section in the Config Manager console and was solved after deleting/recreating the local profile.
  4. Maybe check out this tool https://sourceforge.net/projects/smsclictr/ You can remotely control agent actions such as execute an advertisement, machine policy refresh etc.
  5. I had this once after modifying the tasksequence. A reboot initiated in the tasksequence killed the "Setup Windows and ConfigMgr" process too fast. It had no time to complete the configmr setup intime, causing a damaged client.
  6. How do you set the program in the package program command line? You can run the .VBS directly without the cscript /via a batchfile. sourcepath enters the level where the vbs is placed?
  7. If you check the c:\windows\system32\ccm\cache folder, all files are in it as expected? other packages do work, to confirm you don't have a boundary issue?
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