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  1. great post anyweb ! i have a question for you, but i dont think it's same topic i have SCCM2012 SP1 & Wsus 3.0 installed on windows 2012 server, everything run smoothly. but a few month ago, i had change my proxy server. and all serer run without proxy. the problem is, when i change proxy settings on sccm server (i change the settings through internet option in control panel) i found that wsus proxy still use the old configuration. i change proxy on wsus, then synchronise succeeded. but few hour later, the proxy change again (back to old proxy setting). i change it manualy every 3 hour, and synchronise manualy. =================== fixed anyway, i had change the Proxy And Account Settings on server & sites system roles -> software update point and uncheck all proxy settings for update point. thanks
  2. what do mean capture user data ? i have more than 100 users pc installed windows 8, and i want upgrade all of the pc's. do you mean "capture user data" is backup the data, and restore it on new pc installed windows 8.1 ?
  3. hello anyweb, i'm nubie in sccm 2012 and i have a question for this topic.. if i wan to upgrade from windows 8 enterpise to windows 8.1 through sccm 2012 what should i do ? or can i upgrade use this (this topic) step ?
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