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  1. After all the frustration I tried uninstalling and re-installing one last time..... and it is working! Here are the steps I took (almost with a restart with each step) Uninstalled ADK 8.1 Removed boot images from Distribution points Removed Boot Images from SCCM Unchecked PXE deployment from Server and Site System Roles (Let SCCM uninstall WDS) Removed RemoteInstall Directory Re-downloaded and installed ADK 8.1 Turn on PXE deployment - check Distmgr.log file to see when it finishes Add Boot Image from ADK to SCCM. Turned on the PXE deployment for these images Distributed Boot Images The last step is where WDS has stopped working in the past, but today the WDS service stayed up and I was able to deploy one of my Windows 7 task sequences successfully. I was at the point where re-installing on Windows Server 2012R2 seemed like the only option. Good luck to anyone else with the same problems. Patience is definitely needed!
  2. I never went into the WDS console to try restarting the service there, but did multiple machine restarts and tried restarting through the services management console.
  3. Hello Everyone, This website has been a great resource to learn about SCCM and walks you through the entire process - thanks to all who have contributed! I can normally find the answers I need in this forum, but this one has me stumped. My setup is a Single Site server, Windows 2012, SCCM 2012 R2 upgraded from SP1 The upgrade seemed to go well, with the exception of the inability to PXE boot devices. After doing much digging and troubleshooting, the problem is with the WDS service. I have turned off the PXE setttings in Server and Site System Roles, removed all Boot Images from the software library, renamed the RemoteInstall folder. Confirmed that the WDS services is uninstalled, restarted. Enabled the PXE settings, let SCCM do the WDS install, added back the ADK 8.1 boot images. If the server is restarted after the boot images are added, the WDS server crashes. If the boot images are distributed the WDS server crashes. distmgr_log.txt The WDS server will stay running if no boot images are added or distributed. I have tried different boot image files (not just the ADK 8.1 ones), and have the same result. The server object itself is part of the administrators group on the server. The server has not moved OU's. Any ideas other than a complete re-install? Thanks! Bryce
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